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Newer to Titleist. 917 Question

Matthew G

I recently made (almost) the full switch to Titleist. I've always played the ProV1 and used a Scotty Cameron Putter. My question is how do you guys that have the 917 Driver and 3 Wood like them? I haven't had the chance to fully test them, just a few times in the simulator which I don't really look at numbers on a dicks sporting goods monitor just get a feel for it. I'm currently gaming the Epic Driver/3 Wood but starting to not like it as much as I use to.

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  1. Dale V

    I love mine but to each his own. With all the shaft options, lofts, and adjustability of all clubs it kind of comes down to look and sound preferences. Go to a Titleist Thursday or local demo day and give them a try.
  2. Rob V

    Mathew: I game a 917 D2 and 917 Fairway (3) and am very happy with them. I played the cally Epic for a little while last winter but went back to the 917. I am getting close to the same distance and the 917 D2 is dead straight. Like any driver, make sure you are properly fitted by aTitleist fitter to truly be able to see how the driver performs.
  3. Chuck Z

    My suggestion would be to go to a "certified fitter" and compare the two. The performance numbers on Trackman do not lie. Me, I prefer hitting the clubs at a Titleist Thursdays on the range for see and feel and the Titleist Thursdays are free. Check to see if they are available in your area. Titleist makes some very accurate Drivers and Fairways, if you get fitted and the right set up. I am very comfortable with my distance.
  4. Rob E

    Hi Matthew, I love my 917 D2 10.5 Diamana white and 917 F2 16.5 Diamana blue. I have struggled with a wood setup for the last 2 years and feel I have found a great setup for me. Get fitted at a titleist fitting center. It does make a difference. An outdoor hitting site with Trackman is the way to go so you can see the true flight and check the computer stats. Good luck!
  5. Garrison M

    Matthew, I once was in the same position you were in. I had no experience with Titleist clubs and I played XR Driver and fairway metals. I thought they were good clubs but then I started to dislike them. I went and got fitted for a Titleist 917 D3 and fairway metals. I must say, that the change from cally to Titleist is the best thing I've ever done. I'm a junior golfer so I like to swing hard and hit it long. I felt like the cally was long and there wouldn't be anything as long on the market. When I got fitted my dispersion was nowhere near as wild as I was with my XR and my distance increased by 11 yards. Titleist is the way to go.
  6. Don O

    Judging by the results on the PGA Tour, and remembering there are USGA limits on technology, a great deal of alcohol can be consumed debating the merits of which is best. In my humble (but accurate...) opinion, the 917 line optimizes the Titleist strategy to take 2 years developing technology and testing it prior to releasing it. Other lines have technology and features that can come and go by the next release. Using a Titleist certified fitter experienced with access to the broad availability of shafts approved to be used, I not only got a D2 driver with great forgiveness but it was fine-tuned to my swing. I gained 20 yards and improved dispersion. I am so satisfied with it, I can't imagine even being interested in the 919 release next fall. At some point, the arrow can only maximize what the archer can do, and this is the best I've ever had. To note, the Titleist difference is they don't sell direct and they promote the value of getting fit through programs like Titleist Thursdays and pro shops.
  7. david s

    Matthew, I use the 917 driver and 3 wood, I recommend you get fitted by a Titleist representative, they use trackman and Pro V1 balls in the fitting session, they can fine tune the head and shaft to suit your swing, I've got a much better flight and distance on my driver as compared with the M2 I was using prior to the fitting.
  8. richard f

    Only have the driver but love it , upgraded from the 913 and the new technology is worth every penny
  9. Matthew G

    I've honestly never even heard of Titleist Thursday but I'll have to check them out. Thanks guys!
  10. augusto r

    It’s best to get fitted by a titleist certified fitter.
  11. Tyler H

    Check for a Titleist Thursday near you here:

  12. Don O

    Tyler H

    Check for a Titleist Thursday near you here:


    Keeping in mind, many sites north of the Mason-Dixon line won't be listed again until April or so.
  13. Dave N

    Richard F, I use the 913 also. Did you notice much of a change?
  14. Steve N

    As most everyone has said, going for a fitting is critical. In comparison to the Epic, I think one of key differences is feel and the second is sound. For me the Epic felt like a croquet mallet hitting the ball (like a thud); as opposed to the Titleist where I feel the ball compress on the face and then take off. With respect to sound the cally is just flat, whereas the Titleist has a distinct pop. Just my opinion.....
  15. Matt B

    I had been playing the M1 for a little while this year, while it was long off the tee, I struggled with control. When I switched back to the 917 D3 10.5* my accuracy came back and was hitting more fairways, the result was lower scores. The Sure Fit system is simply the best in the business in my opinion. I played the driver at standard length B1 (.75* flat) and was hitting solid shots again, thinking of going to C1 for slightly lower ball flight as I went with the 10.5 loft to reduce side spin for more control.

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