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Titleist Equipment at Dick's

Edward K

Walked into Dick's Sporting Goods the other day and found a full rack of Titleist clubs, etc. That's a great move forward. Of course, it is right around the corner from a Golf Galaxy (formerly Golfsmith).

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  1. Dale V

    Golf Galaxy is owned by Dick’s. You will find everything matches when viewing their on-line merchandise.
  2. Ralph C

    I noticed the same thing too, yesterday when I stopped in on a whim. I'm surprised they didn't kick me out for drooling on the merchandise!
    Definitely a good sales move, as long as Titleist doesn't get in the position where volume retailers dictate prices, or they undercut the pro shops or small independents too deeply... As Dick's is a competitor (every brand that dies seems to get bought by them), it's amusing to see them undercutting their own (mediocre) products!

    Bravo, Titleist!
  3. Dave N

    Dick's has had Titleist in our local store for a couple of years now.
  4. Dale V

    Titleist will only allow retailers to sell at their approved prices. If they catch them doing otherwise, they will pull their products.
  5. Don O

    The OEM vendors tend to control the retail prices at big box stores. My issues with box stores is they are inclined to promote in-stock merchandise and discourage custom ordering. I'm long past being close to being fit with a 3-P set with stock shafts. I'm a loyal pro shop buyer. I never pay more and there is no question to special order what fits me.
  6. Edward K

    Dale V

    Golf Galaxy is owned by Dick’s. You will find everything matches when viewing their on-line merchandise.

    Yes, I did know that. My best buds manage Golf Galaxy and Edwin Watts in Tampa. It's just strange seeing a typical green grass account in a sporting goods
  7. Chuck Z

    It would be safe to say that Titleist is standard on it's current models in all shops, regardless of size. Titleist changes its clubs every two years, some other manufacturers more frequently, and those might be the ones you will find on sale more often. One more commonly on sale is now out of the golf equipment business. When large discounter's run promos, you will see disclaimers in fine print stating that discounts do not apply to certain manufacturers.

    We have a Dick's in our market, actually two, one in Charleston and one in Mt Pleasant, but only one has Titleist clubs, last time I visited. I go there for hunting gear. For golf equipment I go to my golf pro or my long term fitter who owns a full line golf shop. Like getting fitted and the personal service. Retail price is the same.
  8. Jim K

    That's a news flash for me. The local Dick's golf dept is usually a bit disjointed and disorganized but it sure is convenient. I always thought it odd that they had a lot of other Titleist/FootJoy stuff but no clubs, however I didn't look into any further.
  9. nate l

    Ours has it, but hate buying anything from big box stores
  10. Don O

    Dick's famously fired all their PGA pros about 3 years ago. The nearby GG pro was responsible- until it closed. For close to a grand for a full set if irons your best value is getting fit right the first time.

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