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I gave my club a work out

Kerry T

I gave my new ap2's and 915's a work out the last two days. I made 6 birdies in a row and shot 72 even par, my best round of the year. Using a pro v1 also helped

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  1. richard f

    Well done !!
  2. Jason H

    Great Job.
  3. Chuck Z

    AWESOME, congratulations. Keep up the good play.
  4. Dale V

    Way to go Kerry! Golf can be so fun when things are working right.
  5. Jack H

    Congratulations on your best round! Six birds in a row is incredible!! Way to go!

  6. nate l

    Great round and good looking bag!
  7. David T

    Sweet!! Playing the same clubs but nowhere near as well! Six birdies in a row - Wow!!
  8. Lance P

    I must disagree with shooting a 105 would give my clubs more of workout than your 72. If I ever shot a 72 my clubs would consider it a easy day compared to some of the afternoons they've been put through!
    Congrats on the solid play and I like the looks of your bag. Update that cart to a three-wheeler (or a quad) and you'll truly be stylin'!!

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