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Lie of Golf Club


Hey Guys, If I custom order AP2's, how flat can they make the club? What is the Max flatness on lie? (example: 2 degrees flat)

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  1. david s

    Hi J,
    I'm no expert but was told by the Titleist Product Specialist who fitted me for my AP2 clubs that they can be adjusted but no more than 2 degrees.
  2. JCampbell

    Okay - Thank you for the help!!
  3. JAM

    Just wondering, if you shorten the shaft will it flatten the lie more than 2 degrees. If true, how short do you have to go to be at 3 degrees flat?
  4. Joseph M

    If you shorten the shaft 1/2 inch it will play 1 degree flatter to reach your 3 degrees, however, it will reduce swing weight by 3 points and to compensate you would have to add 6 grams to the club head to gain back the 3 points swing weight loss. So to achieve 3 degrees flat without any hosel adjustment you would have to shorten the shaft 1-1/2 inches which reduces the swingweight 9 points requiring 18 grams added to the head to compensate.
  5. Jeff K

    If you shorten the shaft I think it will make the lie steeper, that is toe up, not flater. You would then need to flaten the head to make correct contact.

    Titleist will bend clubs up to 2 degrees either way, I believe, as well as up to 2 degrees change in loft.
  6. Jeff K

    Sorry, that should have been toe down, so yes it would flaten it. It's been a long day!
  7. JAM

    A followup to Joseph M. When I ordered my MB's/TMB's I was fitted 3 degrees flat, however, Titleist would only flatten them 2 degrees, and one half inch short, so am I correct in understanding that to flatten my irons one additional degree I would need to shorten the shaft another one half inch?

  8. Joseph M

    JAM, yes every 1/2 inch off the shaft will flatten your (playing) lie 1 degree requiring an additional 2 grams of head weight if you want to get back the 3 points of lost swing weight. Another way to get the swing weight back up is to install a lighter grip- a grip 4 grams lighter will add 1 swing weight point.
  9. JAM

    Thank you Joseph M, you were very helpful.

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