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New AP3’s

Jon M

Just picked up my new AP3’s with ProjectX LZ 5.5/115g shafts at the pro shop on Sunday. Replaced 714 AP1’s that treated me well for 4 seasons. Now we just need a heatwave to hit the North East! But then again they’re so pretty I don’t want to get them dirty.

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  1. Dale V

    Nice Jon!
  2. Sam K

    Congratulations! Very nice.
  3. Jeremy L

    Good looking set-up!!
  4. Andrew K

    Nice set John! How do you like the shaft compared to the ATM Black?

  5. mark t

    Great, let me know how it works out, trying to upgrade too. Hopefully can get to a fitting somewhere.
  6. Declan R

    Best of luck with them.
  7. Barry S

    I received a split set of AP2 /AP3 just over a week ago, and so far, all i can say is Wow.! Shafts are TT90 R flex, which is what I had in my 716 CB's. This set of irons is a real treat to hit.
  8. nate l

    Great looking set, congrats!
  9. mj

  10. Rob V

    You are going to enjoy them Jon. I got a set of AP-3's about a month ago and have been enjoying "breaking them in." I live in the Palm Springs, CA aea so am able to play during the Winter. You will enjoy them.
  11. Edward K

    I loved the 3's when I demo'd them. Honestly, I hit the short irons longer than my comfort zone, so I did't make the switch. Super clubs though!
  12. don g

    Nice Jon. you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the new clubs.
  13. Jon M

    Andrew K

    Nice set John! How do you like the shaft compared to the ATM Black?

    I honestly can't tell you, the Titleist rep doing the fitting would change the shaft after a few swings and didn't tell me what I was hitting and I didn't ask. The ProjectX shafts are very similar to my previous shafts and ended up feeling the best and the numbers on the Trackman agreed.
  14. Nick D

    No other bag looks as good full of one OEM as Titleist does. Enjoy the set up, looks great! The LZ shafts are one of the best feeling steel shafts I have ever played, if not the best.

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