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Johnny Y

I was fitted by Titleist rep and bought 918 ap1 with AMT r300 steel shafts. After playing for 2 weeks I did not like the weight and feel after playing Titleist graphite for 20 years. I am selling the steel shafts to buy graphite 918 ap1 graphite. My 912 ap1 had the tour AD 65 gram shafts. I looked up the shafts for 918 and saw several options. Could you explain the difference in Tensei, tour ad, and Kuro Kage. 60-65 gram shafts?

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  1. Don O

    The Tensei is an Ascending Mass Iron shaft - there is some information on that looking up AP1s on the website. You might not like these as well as the other 2 The KK appeared to be the 716 replacement for the Tour AD. It might save you money to have your shop return the clubs and have Titleist reshaft them. I'd still recommend trying the 7I with all 3 before pulling the trigger.
    I've tried the 65 AD and the 85 KK, the 65 KK, and now the AMT-Red R. After using Titleist graphites since the 712's, I'm finally happy with the heavier shaft. With each weight change, I've had to gain comfort with each change. Fortunately there are no shortages of shafts to meet individual needs.
  2. Norm H

    As I have said before. The one thing a fitter can't tell you is , to me , one of the most important things in choosing a club. How does it feel. You went from a 65 gram shaft to a 94 -106 gram shaft. That is a 30 gram + difference in weight. One thing you should never do is try to get used to a feel you don't like. The custom options guide will explain the difference between the AMC red and the Kuro Kage shafts. Actually the only noticeable difference is the AMC red has the asending mass feature. I believe that means the shafts are lighter in the longer irons and heavier in the short irons. Both launch angles are high . The Kuro Kage is 63 grams and AMC red is between 57 and 69 grams. I just got the Kuro Kage this spring after playing steel for 59 years. I love them, they are much easier to swing than steel.

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