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Groove Rule?


I have a set of Forged 704CB irons and was wondering if anyone knew if they are conforming to tour tournament play?  I would appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on this for me!

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  1. Jacob J

    If you go to and under equipment select conforming club and ball lists, then informational club database (grooves) you can search for your clubs and find out.


    According to that the 704 are not legal.

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Almost all Titleist sets conform including some of the older DCI's, but, there were several sets in the last 7 years that did not conform.  The 755, 775, 704CB's and the 804CB's did not conform.  The final say is always the USGA and they update their site every Monday.  You can go to the USGA website at: and put in Acushnet for the manufacturer and Titleist for the product name. We also have the link on our website at

  3. Mac

    Cathi, would there be a chance my set of irons could become conforming?  Have you noticed at any point of time any of Titleist irons that were non conforming becoming conforming by the USGA?

    Do you know what exactly it was that made the 704CB's non conforming on the grooves and how close they were or are to being conforming?  I appreciate your return information!

  4. Mac


    I'm currently in the process of joining the NGA/Hooters Tour in 2011 and since my irons, which are Titleist 704CB's, are non conforming by the new groove rule, what will it cost me to go up to the tour center in Massachusetts and get fitted into a new set of irons?  I would appreciate it very much if you can help me on this matter.

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    To answer your first question - once they are deemed non-conforming, it is unlikely that the ruling would change.  We can't make a non conforming club into one that is conformiing without building a different iron face.   

    On going to our Manchester Lane facility, (and the same with our Oceanside facility), we conduct three fittings, Drivers/Fairways, Hybrids/Irons, and Wedges.  They can be done all together or individually.  The cost is $200 for each individual fitting (or $500 for the bag, minus the putter) and it takes approximately an hour each (3 hours to get fit for everything other than putter).  The fittings are done outdoors with a trackman.  We have more information on our website at: under Titleist Tour Fittings.  At Manchester Lane, they will only be fitting through October (weather permitting) and they fit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

    You can make an appointment by calling us at Team Titleist or you can contact Andy at: 888-262-7202.

  6. Mac

    Cathi I really appreciate you helping me out with all these questions, you have been very helpful!!!  Make sure you pass this onto your supervisor.  Ok I have one more question, since you mentioned replacing the iron face; what would or could I do to make that happen?  Would you have a price on what something like that would cost to have done?  Once again, I really appreciate your help!

  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Team Titleist was created just to help Titleist golfers.  Thanks for the feedback!

    We would have to create a brand new club. - so unfortunately, we cannot make your 704's conforming.

  8. Erick R

    Hi Everyone,

    Unless I am not reading the website correctly (, the list only mentions the # 3 iron and the PW as being non-conforming. Unlike other sets mentioned such as the '681 Forged', which lists all of the irons and whether they conform or not. I own a set of 704CB irons and would like to not make any club changes as I work on my game. I'm trying to contact someone at USGA that could shed some light on the list they have posted, if I receive any feedback, I will promptly share it with everyone.

    Any thoughts or info on this?



  9. Paul V1

    i just checked the site as well and agree with the way you're reading it. would love to hear from a usga official on this matter.

  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Just checked with our R & D department and the entire 704 set has been deemed illegal.  The 3 and the PW were the only samples that the USGA tested.

  11. Chase W

    I couldnt find limited edition sets on that website.  I have the Titleist T irons and I was wondering if they are conforming?  Thannks

  12. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Chase,  If they are not listed on the USGA website, that means that we did not have a set to send them.  That set did have V grooves, but, the final word rests with the USGA.

  13. Mike D

    I have been unable to find info specific to the 962b iron set that I have. Can someone let me know if they do conform? In the USGA database I find 962 and DCI b irons, but no 962b irons. Thanks
  14. Ken W

    Mike, Here is your USGA submission link. It has all the information you need if you are going to play your 962Bs under the condition of competition groove rule. The reason the irons are not listed on the USGA site is because there was not a full set available(new heads from Titleist) for the USGA to test after the groove rule went into effect. It is a nice service they provide to test your set free of charge if you drop them off or ship them in. It is worth a phone call to the technical center's number listed at the bottom of the page. One of their people may have tested a set previously. However, since the 962 set is conforming, I'd say there is a 100% chance the 962B set conforms as well.
  15. Mike D

    Ken, do you say that because the 962 irons conform? D the two sets have identical grooves?

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