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3 Wood recommendations

Jamie H

Currently in the market looking for a new 3 wood. I would like to test and get fit for my new wood, but any information I could get beforehand would be great. I tend to struggle launching my 3 wood off the deck, so I was just wondering if anyone had any information or recommendations on the titleist range of fairway woods, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Don O

    Many amateur players do well with 16.5 or 18 degree FW if they can't get enough launch off the deck. Same philosophy as whether to carry hybrids instead of 3-4-5 irons. In my case, I was fitted with an 18 degree head and a 15 degree length shaft.
  2. Thomas Y

    I ended up going with the F2 16.5* as I wasn't confident with the F2 (or F3) in 15*. As I get more comfortable with it, I might wish to tune it to 15.75*.
  3. Dale V

    Sounds like you plan to have a fitting so that’s really the key. They will help with the loft and shaft combo that will work best for you.
  4. richard f

    Just go and try some and buy whatever works best for you and gives you results that you want
  5. Stuart B

    Have you tried the 917 3 woods? The Titleist description states they launch higher, I have the 3 wood at D4 (15.75 deg) but with a 5 wood length shaft and it's the first fairway wood I have been ever able to hit off the deck.

  6. Tom P

    I would suggest that you go get fitted for a 917F2 16.5 fairway wood. For simplicity, your fitting can focus on selecting the proper shaft. Good luck and have fun.

    Hi, I play the larger headed 917 (can’t remember the model) it is so forgiving and really does have the “Hit Me” look at address. I felt with the smaller head it was a little less forgiving. As previous post, the 16.5 18d option also look attractive.
  8. Chuck Z

    I have a 917F 15 in my bag set at 15.75 to get a little more loft, but I probably use my 816h1 hybrid more off the deck. The 816h1 came in a 17* loft and you have the ability to work them in 1* and they are an awesome club off the deck, when fitted with the right shaft.
  9. Edward K

    The 917 line is great. I have the 13.5......
  10. DC

    I play the 915f and it is easy to hit and quite long off the tee and off the deck. If getting the ball up is an issue it is adjustable to add some extra loft. I play mine at 15 degrees but can change the loft based on the course, course conditions or my bag setup. I strongly recommend the 915f as it’s been rated very high by a lot of TT members.
  11. nate l

    I know my 917f 16.5 is a rocket launcher! Easy to elevate and is great of the tee as well
  12. Paul C

    I've got a 15 degree 917F2 which I've only used twice so far so can't give too much feedback on as yet, I would say that it is great off the tee but the course was very wet so didn't want to risk hitting it fat so used alternative clubs from distance on the par 5's.

    The best ting to do would be arrange a fitting and talk through your requirements as well as issues with the launch and see what they can do to help. I'm sure they will figure out a solution that will benefit your game in the future.

    Good luck and happy golfing for 2018!!
  13. Andrew S

    I have a 915fd and have never been able to a 3 wood off the deck like this one. In my opinion getting fit for the right shaft is key, but you can’t go wrong with 915 or 917.
  14. Tvan Kamperdijk

    I struggle with the same thing. I was fitted for a 917 D3 driver and a 917 F2 fairway. The setting I have is D4 and the weight is a 14 gram in fade. I have the Aldila Rogue M-ax stiff shaft. love it. it's by far the best 3 wood I ever used

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