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What's in Your Blended Set?

Robert L

What's in your blended set of irons?

My current setup has AP1 (4,5), AP2 (6,7), and MB (8,9) with KBS C-taper Lite shafts.

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Great thread, Robert... and nice set up! This is what I currently have in the bag:

    718 AP3: 4 iron
    718 AP2: 5 - PW
    Shafts: Project X LZ 6.0

    Can't wait to hear what everyone else is currently gaming.

    - Mike
  2. Corey T

    716 T-MB (2)
    714 CB (4-6)
    714 MB (7-9)
  3. Roger K

    718 AP1 5-6
    718 AP3 7-GW
    Shafts: Project X LZ 6.0
  4. SKillen

    At present I have

    #4 716 T-MB
    #5-P DCI962 (yes old and trusty)

    but I have #5-P 716CB on order (I went for these rather than 718 due to a cracking deal and my fitting back in August was for these)
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  5. CTgary

    Combo set, but just barely:
    AP3 5 iron through 48 degree
    718 AP2 50 degree bent to 51
    Shafts are Nippon 880 AMC

    SM6 56 degree M grind chrome
    SM6 60 degree L grind gray
  6. JAM

    My current setup consists of: 716 TMB 3,4 and 5 and 716 MB, 6-PW, all with MIT KK 65g, A flex shafts.
  7. MMaingre

    On my side :

    CB 4 Project X R
    MB 5-PW Project X R

    but one of my favorite clubs in the bag is my 913F 17 deg shaft bassara S 3W. SO a 5W head on a 3W shaft. so much regularity with it. Thanks to my pro and fitter.

  8. LMarples

    Will ge getting custom fit in next week, initially was looking at AP3:5 and 6 iron and then AP2 7 - PW, may well look at AP1 in longer irons instead...
  9. JNeumeier

    4-7 718 AP1
    8-PW 718 AP3
    Nippon 880 AMC C
  10. Ed S

    My bag is as follows:

    716 AP1: 4 iron
    716 AP2: 5 -PW
    Shafts are KBS Tour FLT S

    Looking to try a 718 AP3 4-iron in the spring.
  11. Luke R

    My current set up:

    718 AP3 4 iron 1* weak in loft
    718 AP2 5 iron standard loft
    718 AP2 6-PW 1* weak in loft

    KBS Tour X-stiff, Standard length and lie

    SM6 Jet Black 52, actually 51*
    SM6 Jet Black 56, actually 55*
    SM6 Jet Black 60, actually 59*

    Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black Onyx S400, standard length and lie
  12. Doug E

    AP3-718: 5i/6i/7i
    AP2-716: 7i/8i/9i/PW
    SM6: 50.08F/54.10S/58.12K (Replacing with SM7s in March)

    Yes, due to the large gap between AP2 8i and AP3 7i , I have decided to play two 7 irons right now. It works out well, but I had to replace a 915F 5W and an 816H 21* hybrid with a single 818H 19 hybrid to get in at 14 clubs.
  13. Barry S

    718 AP2 7-P
    718 AP3 4-6
    SM6 wedges. 50 , 56, 60
  14. M

    I am considering 718 AP1 4-6 then 718 AP2 6-gap. Yes, two 6 irons. You guys ever done this? I don't like bending clubs as it affects the bounce.
  15. Luke R

    Ed S

    My bag is as follows:

    716 AP1: 4 iron
    716 AP2: 5 -PW
    Shafts are KBS Tour FLT S

    Looking to try a 718 AP3 4-iron in the spring.

    Barry- you will love the AP3 4 iron. Since it was close to 50 degrees this past weekend in Connecticut I was able to hit the range. Nothing like seeing the ball travel in the air outdoors! Let me tell you it is a rocket, ball (range balls obviously) jumps off the face can only imagine how much more I will get out of the club when I play my pro V1x. You can hit high, low, work it left or right with ease! Only slight negative I have is the offset, a little to much for my eye but I will deal with it cause the performance I get out of it is what matters...
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