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Groundhog Day

Rick P

Well......that rodent saw his shadow. If they would turn off the camera lights we could possibly have spring early. With that being said, placed my order for my 718 AP2's this morning. Delivery date is Thursday. Now if I can just get the weather to break. Can hardly wait till they arrive.

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  1. Dale V

    Darn, six more weeks of sunny and 80 degrees here in San Diego before we can have sunny and 85 degrees. Okay, sorry, had to do it. Best move ever from North Texas four years ago this weekend.
  2. Steve S

    Dale V, yes you are killing me with that weather. It's raining and snowing at my course here at the Jersey Shore this morning. Supposed to blow 35mph this afternoon as well. Enjoy yourself!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  3. Bob D

    Steve, same here in northeast PA! Snowed about an inch last night and wind blowing pretty hard right now. I was able to play 18 last Saturday when it warmed up to 50, but the greens were still frozen! Getting desperate to play. Even walked about 12 holes on Sunday even though the course was closed! Got permission, of course. Maybe someone should put out a contract on that groundhog!
  4. Rick D

    Minus 10*F here this morning. I'm headed for south Florida next week. Escape the cold for a bit and will get in a couple rounds.
  5. Dale V

    Sorry guys, my bad! Oh, have to go now, headed to the driving range (with shorts on) :)
  6. Rob R

    The temperature was in the single digits today with more cold predicted for next week with some snow. I keep saying that one of these years I am leaving Chicago and heading to S.C.

    Maybe next year.
  7. Chuck Z

    You know, he could be wrong.......after all he is predicting the weather for the area he lives in...... =)
  8. J.R. F

    I'm on the south end of Lake Michigan and we are supposed to be getting more lake effect snow tonight. I got a call from my pro that my AP3s have come in but it looks like I'll be waiting the whole six weeks.
  9. Darryl M

    Not bad here in Kansas it's a balmy 38 with 25mph north winds. But it's going to be 30 this weekend with 20 mph winds and maybe some precip (finally). So I just spend time on the range until I can see my shadow not swaying in the winds shivering......Then I know it is spring..
  10. Todd S

    Let's hope this is true
    Post Image
  11. Tom B

    Be optimistic......I'm going to be......they say that sleep deprived nasty rodent in the 100 years or so of this tale, has only predicted an early spring 18 times. I think mother nature has flipped him off a many a time over the years and done her own thing. Here's hoping she tells him where to go this year and the rest of this winter goes easy, the super's can get a lot done then next 6 weeks, and go for early openings. We can dream can't we?
  12. Len D

    It's a beautiful day in Boston. 9F when I got up this morning with a nice cool breeze. I hit a few plastic gold balls in the back yard, but had to use a hammer to get the tee in the ground. ;-)
  13. Michael JC

    Shadow or no shadow, always six more weeks of Winter here in frozen Vermont.
  14. mj

    10 degres celsius yesterday (about 50 fahrenheit)....while everyone in infant of the TV.....$15 winter rates Come up to Vancouver Canada guys.....just have to wear a sweater......and enjoy :)
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  15. Paul C

    I'd like to say it will be over before you know it, but, six more weeks waiting for golf weather is tough. I'm leaving next Friday for a trip South to play TPC Sawgrass and a few other courses. Even the mountains in Western NC have been colder than I remember, so travel is the only way a round of golf is fairly certain.

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