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Graphite shaft wear

Chris m

Can anyone advise me how to stop,reduce and repair wear on a grahite shafts, The wear is from the edge of the Titleist cart bag that rubs the glaze off.

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7 Replies

  1. Jason S

    I would look into head covers with longer knit shaft protection.
  2. TeeJ

    Not sure which hardcovers you use if any but I use the longer knit headcovers to prevent bag rash because I do my fair share of walking. Not sure of any repair techniques.
  3. Barry B

    Try getting some head covers with the long "sock" that covers the portion of the shaft where it rubs on the bag top cuff.
  4. Norm H

    A year ago I purchased a Titleist 14 slot deluxe cart bag. I noticed that the material on the club separators was very abrasive. I bought a strip of fleece, some fabric glue sticks, and a glue gun at a fabric shop. I glued the fleece onto all the top separators where the graphite shafts on my new AP1s and Titleist metal woods would rest. One year later I have no wear on any of my graphite shafts.

    I don’t think my shafts ever show signs of wear.....but then again I get new ones every 2 year’s!
  6. Joseph M

    Long sock is a must in my mind- extra expense is well worth it!!
  7. Kenneth C

    You will need to do as Norm H suggested, or, get a new, more graphite shaft friendly bag. A golf bag, that causes that kind of shaft damage should not be used.

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