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Ruined 917 D2


Hi, I just bought a 917D2 driver, and I was loving it. So much that I hit my irons during the backswing of a practice swing. Do you guys think the chip in the image will have anth effect on the performance? What’s the best advice for fixing it?


Post Image
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  1. Edward K

    Touch up paint, and move on. Can't see it hurting performance that much , if any.....Sorry about your luck!
  2. Rob_Roth1

    No it shouldn't spread and as long as the head isn't cracked it won't effect performance. Once thing I learned at Carlsbad was they do a ton of testing to ensure what happened to you doesn't effect the whole club
  3. Don O

    Kills the secondary market value, can serve you for years to come.
  4. FErdem

  5. FErdem

    Thank you!
  6. AWells

    I would contact Titleist perhaps and see if they have a recommended paint or epoxy to use. Also if you use just a small amount it shouldn't affect the weight or the CG. All teh way in the back of the club should be ok for performance
  7. Dale V

    I remember dropping one on a cart path a few years back. Scratched it up a bit. Didn’t effect the play but it made me sick every time I teed up and looked at it. To this day I hand on tight every time I am near pavement. Lesson learned.
  8. AntD

    try nail varnish to touch it up... worked when someone scratched the wife's driver...

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