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910F vs 910Fd

Tyler P

I think a saw a post earlier about this topic but wanted to get some of your opinions especially anybody who has hit the new fairway woods.

I'm looking to game 1 fairway wood (since I game 3 wedges) in between my driver and my hybrid. My driver is 10.5 and hybrid is 24. For my swing I hit the ball really low so need as much loft as I can. I swing about 90 mph on a 6 iron.

Any recommendation between a 910F or a 910Fd? I saw them in the store (wasn't able to hit them) and the 910Fd is definately big and looks really nice. Would it really be that hard to hit off the tee do you think? I was thinking of either getting a 17 910F or a 15 910Fd and raising the loft to 16.5.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. Matthew S

    The best is to get fit for them however because you are a lot ball flight person you would probably benefit more from the 910F because is has a slightly shallower face than the Fd and the COG is lower and further back to produce a higher ball flight. It will be easier for you to hit shots off the turf however you can always use the SFT hosel to influence trajectory a little. 

  2. Stephen B

    I was just fitted this week.  Out going are 909f2 15.5 with Diamana stiff, 909F3 18 with Aldila Voodoo stiff and 909h 19 with Diamana stiff.  Out of those they have all been pretty good but the stand out club was the  909F3 to the point where i haven't been carrying the other 2.  I had decided I was going to get a  17 deg 910f and a 21 deg 910h but thought I should hit the 15deg 910f as a starting point as they are reported to launch easier than the 909.  Anyway I also hit low due to a swing flaw and was n't getting the launch angle required with it set at 15 deg.  The fitter added the loft up to 16.5 and I was getting perfect launch and spin numbers with the RIP 70 shaft.  Going with the 15 deg allows me to work on my swing and once corrected reduce the loft.  The 910h was easy I new I wanted a true 3 iron replacement and was hitting the 21 deg really nicely with good launch and spin numbers and getting 195 carry and rolling out to 210 ish.

    My advice would be to try everything and think about how you want to use your loft adjustment, are you more likely to want to deloft something or add loft or are you just going to get fitted and leave it?

    Very impressed with the 910 range and if I can hit as many greens with a 910f and 910h as I hit fairways with my 910d2 then my handicap can only come down.


  3. Tyler P

    I apologize for the typo, what I meant to say above is "do you think the 910Fd would be hard to hit off the fairway, obviously its made to hit off of the tee but wanted to see if anybody had any experience hitting the 910Fd off of the fairway"

    Thank You and again I apologize for the typo

  4. Jay Sevilla

    I know this is an old post but is there really a difference in hitting the 910 FD and a 910 F off the deck? I hardly use my 910 FD on the tee box. I use it mostly on the fairway. Would the 910 F be better for my application? Would it be harder to hit a 13.5* 910F than a 15* 910F? Any input is appreciated. Thanks

  5. Norris

    Jay; Hitting a 13.5* fairway wood would be like hitting your driver of the turf. You need to be pretty good to do that. Personally, I can't get a 15* fairway more than 10' - 15' off the ground, but my 17* 4 wood is my go to club for distance, and works great off the "T" also. Just that extra 2* makes all the difference in the world for me. If you get a chance, try out a 17* 4 wood. I think you'll like it. 

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