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Face angle 910 driver

Mikael H

I am about to buy a 910d3/2 (after a custom fitting) and have a little question about loft and face angle. Assume you prefer playing with a loft in the interval 9.5°-10.5°(depending on course and whether conditions) and also prefer a slightly open face (as the standard setting on 910). Here are a few scenarios:

1. Assume you buy a 10.5°. If you want to play that club with less loft, i.e. 9.75°. How would a setting D1 compare, in terms of face angle and perhaps spin, with a standard (A1) 9.5°. That is, how similar can a 10.5 and 9.5 be if you want to play the around 9.5° of loft?

2. The other scenario would be the opposite. Assume you buy a 9.5° and want to play that club with more loft (10.25°). How would a setting D4 compare, in terms of face angle and spin, with a standard (A1) 10.5°. That is, how similar would a 9.5° and 10.5° be in terms of face angle and spin?

Any ideas or comments?


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  1. Ryan Crysler

    Hi Mikael:

    Great question.  We're dealing with a couple things, loft and face angle but also the inspiring "look."  Assuming you're right handed:

    Scenario 1: The 10.5 in D-1 will have a 1.5 Open face at 9.75 loft.  It technically will spin slight more if you put the exact swing on two shots.  However...let's say you enjoy fading every shot...the 10.5 D-1 may look better to your eye.  But...let's say you want to look at a club that's tough to hook or pull...again that 10.5 may look better to your eye.

    Scenario 2: The A-1 10.5 should spin and launch slightly higher.  But in my opinion, players notice a "closed" face more than an open face and the D-4 setting in a 9.5 may look terrible to players that fear the left, or prefer to fade.  The D-4 9.5, all things being equal, could be easier to draw. 

    Let me know what you think!


  2. Mikael H

    Thanks RC,

    so the face will be more open if you decrease the loft? At present I play a 909d2 10.5 and it give me a slightly to high trajectory (partly due to the shaft) and my stock shot is a slight draw although I equally easy can fade the ball. By the way, how does 910d2 and d3 compare with 909d2/3in terms of launch? I prefer the neutral (or slight open) 909 and don't like to look down on a closed club. That being said, if I get your response correct, it seems better to go with a 10.5 and decrease loft (if necessary) unless I get a satisfying trajectory with a 9.5 at A1./Mikael

  3. Ryan Crysler


    In my opinion after a couple of months, it seems like the the 910s launch higher than the 909s.  Definitely higher with the new balls as well.

    One thing I do know for sure, we are selling a lot more D3s than D2s.  I'm not sure why, but players tend to prefer the sound, feel, and looks over the D2.   It may very well be our small market size of lower handicap players.  Or the Texas winds!


  4. Mikael H

    RC, just made a few tests.

    After a session on the range I am pretty sure that I prefer the d3 over the d2. I compared the 10.5 loft with the 9.5 using the kai li stiff shaft (the made for Titleist version). Also tried the 10.5 delofted in the D1 setting. I prefer a shaft in the 65 g range and a torque around 3.5, have a ss of about 100mph and a one plane swing.

    Both the high and low loft produced satisfying trajectories although I got the feeling that the 10.5 at times tended to be a little too high (although not balooning or anything). On the other hand I had to work the club a little more to get the desired trajectory with the 9.5. The A1 setting produced pretty strait shots, varying from a slight draw to a slight fade. Any suggestions on which loft to prefer in such a case? Worth to notice that the test was performed in far from ideal conditions (zero degrees celcius and range balls rather than summer, 25 degrees celcius and proV1's).

    The thing is that I think that Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 in stiff would be an even better match for me but at present I don't have any possibility of trying it out. In theory, what could I expect of the DI shaft if compared with the made for Kaili (in a d3 head), would it give me a slightly flatter and more penetrating trajectory with less spin? That is, would it lower my trajectory in 10.5 head as compared with the Kaili? If the preferable loft would be 10.5 with Kai li is it likely that the same loft would be preferable with DI-6s? Any toughts on this topic would be welcom.

    RC, any ideas?


  5. Ryan Crysler


    Here's a little point by point:

    • The new Kaili shaft has a 4.2 torque rating...pretty torque(y)...might not be the best option. However, the X Flex is near your preferred numbers. 
    • the need to "work" to get the desired trajectory...not a good emotion to have during the swing.  Liking the 10.5.  Going flatter (B-1) could lower the preferred ball flight slightly.
    • The Graphite design is much more inline with your expectations...65 gram 3.3 might try the Project X's a little heavy but near the torque value.  Another is the Fujikura F3 60 gram stiff.
    • The head is the most important factor determining ball flight.  Sounds like you are a D3 guy!
    • If you like Orange...the DI shaft is your thing!  ;)


  6. Mikael H

    Great, thanks for all good advice! Would you say that the DI shaft plays soft or true to flex? Or, more importantly, would you say that the DI due to its lesser torque (compared to Titleist Kai li) feels stiffer and produce a lower trajectory? Is it worth considering the x-flex version of the DI? Again, thanks for your help./Mikael

  7. Ryan Crysler

    Hmm...I would say it may feel stiffer to some players.  May feel like butter to other players!

    Maybe an X flex if you feel like you need "more control." 


  8. Mikael H

    OK, I understand. Today I decided to test the project x 6.0 shaft as you suggested and I really liked it a lot. I was surprised since it was a little heavier but I got a perfect trajectory, it didn't feel heavy and I used the 9.5 d3 head (with A1 setting)! This made me test also the ahina 72 stiff, also with the 9.5 head and I liked that shaft as well. What surprised me the most was that both these shafts felt better than the kai li, and produced a better trajectory as well. still high but penetrating, and it felt like the ball came of the face in high speed... So, right now it looks like I will end up with a 9.5 d3 with the project x 6.0 shaft

  9. Ryan Crysler

    Very nice!  It's a great shaft and great value! Can't wait to hear about some on course results.


  10. Mikael H

    I look forward to test it on the course as well, but I 'm afraid it has to wait a couple of months until the snow melts here in Sweden... I'll let you know how it performs./Mikael

  11. Mikael H

    Spring and open golf courses! I took my 910D3 9.5° with the project x shaft to the course, performed ok but felt heavy. So, I decided to buy the GD Tour AD DI-6s instead. Perfect shaft for me, nice high penetrating trajectory, even in head wind. Averaging 265 yards with a little draw, couldn't be happier. Play it in a C-3 position (even tried B-3 with good result). Look forward to a great driving season.



  12. Dennis L

    Hey Ryan, question for ya.  Why would the 10.5 at D-1 spin slightly more at a lower loft? Thanks alot, Dennis

  13. Lou G

    I have a Ryan question  about face angle - given what I read about D1 being 1.5* open.   

    Would B3 be 1.5* closed and D3 be .5* closed, given that A2,B2, A1 or B1 is .5 open and it was stated that D1 is 1.5* open?


  14. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Yes,  The top row is 1.5 closed, the second is .5 closed, the third is .5 open and the bottom is 1.5 open (effectively)

  15. Lou G

    Thanx.  I was previously asking a similar question about the hybrids and fairways.  I have my 19 fairway and 27 hybrid set at B3.  My 24 is set at D3 (but I have the same shaft length as the 27 and a lighter grip to compensate for swingweight loss).

    Also, what is the heaviest weight you can get for the 910Fand 910H?   My calculations show that I can use the same grip with the 24 as with my 19 and 27 if I use ~13 gram headweight.  Can you go to the Carlsbad facility (I'm about 17 miles from it) and purchase an individual head weight? Don't really need to buy the entire Surefit weight kit.

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