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Slippery grips

Peter S

I have just purchased a new set of AP1's and tried them out for the first time today.  I loved the clubs but frankly hated the grips.  They were incredibly slippery.  The grips are the Titleist Tour Velvet.  It felt like the grips had a film on them and I felt like I had to really grip the club extra hard to stop the club from moving in my hands.  Can anyone advise on what I can do to reduce the slipperiness of the grips. ? 

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  1. Ken

    Try cleaning them with a mild soap/water and lightly scrub with a nylon brush. Rinse them off with clean warm water and then wipe off with a clean towel or cloth and let them dry for a bit. After they are dry see if they feel any different. If they still feel slippery, maybe you are used to a grip that is a little more tacky.

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Just spoke with Warranty to see if this is an issue that they have encountered and they said not at all.  Normally a new tour velvet grip is nice and tacky.  Please give your pro shop a call and take your clubs in so they can contact the warranty department for you.

  3. Ryan Crysler

    This sounds weird and is not common.  Maybe they encountered moisture during shipping.

    In general though to enhance the life of your grips, we recommend a medium sandpapering then SoftSoap and water.

  4. Deno

    Good tip RC

    Some of the Tour Pros carry a sanding block ,(looks like a grey black sponge), to rough up their grips.  Available at Home Depot or any hardware store.  Works for me.


  5. Christopher T

    I have used a green scotch brite pad in the past to rough up my grips, and get that slightly tacky feeling back.  That does sound weird that you got them that way. Good luck, hope you get fixed up. 

  6. Peter S

    Thanks for the tips, I will give it a try.  Much appreciated.  

  7. HawaiiMarine

    A couple of tips if you don't want to tear up your grips too much is to make sure you don't go out to the course with dish pan hands.  Hands that are too clean are not good for having a good tacky grip.  If you play where there are pine trees it never hurts to grab a handful of pine needles and rub your hands together to get a little pine tar on your hands ... Or you can go out and purchase a Gorilla  Gold towel ... They work great and last quite a while!

    Best of Luck!

  8. Daniel D

    After some mild use they should become less slippery ad more tacky, but they shouldn't be as slippery as your describing. I would recommend contacting the manufacturer or getting different grips. I would recommend some golf pride tour velvet; same look and size as Titleist, but I feel they have better grip and feel on contact.

  9. Chris M

    I just received mine yesterday and initially noticed they same thing. I have played the stock Titleist tour velvet grips forever and these felt almost like something was on them. Will see if it's on all clubs. 

  10. Ruben A


    This is just another data point, but I had a TVD 56 M arrive a few weeks ago and the grip was also pretty slippery.  I cleaned it up with a wet rag and dried it off again, but it was still slippery.  I replaced the grip with a Lamkin 3gen and haven't had any problems since.

    Not looking for any type of warranty service, but wanted you all to have the additional data point.



  11. Greg K

    This site is awesome!  Now I'm going home to see if I can extend the life of my grips.



  12. Steve M

    I've been using the Winn DryTac grips as they provide a nice cushion for a bad elbow.


    This season, I replaced a few clubs and only used the clubs once before changing the grip.  The "stock" grip just felt awful to me.  When I finally replace my irons, I'm definitely going with the Winn's or something similar.

  13. Dr. Kovatchian

    The Lamkin Crossline ACE 3GEN is the best grip period!!!!

    Dr. K

  14. Greg P

    I normally wash with dish soap after every 15 rounds or so.  I find that really extends the life and restores the tackiness. 

    Actually, I'm not a fan of the Tour Velvet grips for the reason you cite.  I prefer the rougher texture of cord.

  15. Robert G

    I am a big fan of Golf Pride Tour Wrap, they stay tacky (need a quick wipe with a damp towel) and last seemingly forever.  I play five rounds per week and these show virtually no wear after 6 months.  On the other end of the scale are Winn grips which feel great but wear out in less than a month.  I tried Winn grips three times on all my clubs and the result was always the same, I needed to replace the driver grip after a few rounds and the others did not last much longer.  Add to that the fact they are some of the most expensive grips you can buy and I am amazed they are still in business.  

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