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910 Tool Kit

William F

I have been reading in other post that some are upset because they did not receive a tool kit for the fairway woods and hybrids.  Are we to get them when we purchase the clubs?  I was told that the kit only comes with the driver.  I thought that was strange for if I did not purchase the driver, I would have had to purchase the tool kit in addition to the clubs to make adjustments.  Are we to get tool kits for each 910 purchased?  If so, how do I go about acquiring the ones I did not receive?  They would be nice to have especially if one breaks for one reason or another.

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  1. Titleist Clubs - CS Lead

    Hi William - 

    A fairway or hybrid only order will not ship with the wrench.  We have shipped out extra wrenches to our retail partners in order to handle requests where a customer might not have the 910 driver and would need access to the wrench.  Additional wrenches may be purchased from any authorized Titleist dealer.  If you have difficulty locating a wrench at your local golf shops please contact us directly at 1.888.TITLEIST.

  2. William F

    Thank you for the update.

  3. Richard G

    Is that with an additional cost? It seems silly to sell and market an adjustable club without providing the tool to adjust it.....

  4. Jimmy W

    I recently purchased a 910 f fairway wood and the person at the counter gave me the headcover and no kit. I asked "how am I supposed to adjust the club"? He thought the tool was inside the cover which it was not so he took the tool pouch out of a driver kit. It looks like from what I have read that you dont get the kit with the fairway woods or hybrids but I guess he didnt know.

  5. James B

    Same deal, I didn't get one either. I asked for one an was told titleist didn't give them any. What gives ?

  6. Jonathan Purcell

    It's just a way to keep the prices down and promote the purchase of a 910D.

  7. H.L.

    Nick, I just bought a 910 D2 Driver which does not have the driver kit. What is the cost for the kit and where on the Titleist website do I go to order one? I looked all over and couldn't find the link to order a kit. Thanks, H.L.

  8. Thomas M

    It's hard to properly use the club when you don't have access to the equipment to adjust the club. 

  9. Ronald M

    I just purchased a 910D2 driver. It was a demo from For Golfers Only in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada. I did not get a Tool Kit with my purchase. Is there anyway I can obtain one?

    Let me know. Thanks, Ron Mac  

  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    If you are referring to the swingweight kit or the wrench kit, both can be purchased through any authorized retailers.  If they don't have them in inventory, they can place the order and it should ship in 2-3 days.  If you have questions for our Canada office, their number is:  877.928.8898

    If you purchase a new 913 driver, the wrench will come with the club.  If you purchase a new custom 913 fairway and hybrid, you can make the request for a wrench to be added to the order at no upcharge.

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