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Paint Fill 710's

Shawn K

Hey Guys,

I recently bought a combo 710 MB & CB set. Im looking at  doing a custom paint fill on them (not sure if im only gonna do the #'s or everything yet). Thinking or going with an Orange like Rickey Fowler. Just basically looking for some suggestions on colors and/or patterns.  Any ideas are appreciated

Thanks, Shawn

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  1. Jordan E

    Hi shawn, I got 712 mb's and I customed them orange nail polish and they look amazing just look up on youtube how to paintfill golf clubs and look amazing plus don't cost much hope that helps. Regards Jordan

  2. Jacob L

    Ya Shawn, I have 712 CB's and I customized them with dark Blue nail polish because I am a Villanova fan. So, nail polish works just great. 

  3. Andrew W



    I have vokey wedges and paint filled them myself for LSU colors. Geaux Tigers.

    It wasn't super difficult. I followed the steps off a DIY link...try it...worked pretty well for me.

  4. Cory B

    I've always used paint pens from the hobby store to paintfill my clubs.

    I tried nail pollish on my old Kombi, but I didn't like the way it came out.

    Whatever you decide to use, make sure the surface is completely cleaned with turpentine or paint thinner before you apply the paint. I've also tried adding clear coat after the paintfill dries and I've found that it maintains its color longer, especially if you're going to be painting on the sole of the club.


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