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Vokey Wedge Finish

Joe L

Bout to order a couple Vokey wedges.  Just curious as to what finish you guys like or want and why you prefer it.  All three finish look nice, but im leaning toward the black nickel finish.

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  1. Mark L

    I have the black nickel and tour chrome finishes. The BN is beautiful but wears off quicker than the TC consequently producing an unwanted glare at set up (not unbearable but noticeable on bright sunny days). The TC is a very durable finish and took months before seeing any substantial wear. I'm glad I bought both and would do so again. Aside from how great they look, the spin is amazing! Buy 'em and you won't be dissapointed.
  2. David N

    Hi Joe,

    All three of our finishes are popular but in terms of demand it is Tour Chrome first, then Black Nickel, followed closely by Oil Can.

    We also offer three different finishes through WedgeWorks:  Bright Brushed Chrome, Black Oxide (unplated) and Oil Can Zero (unplated).  Black Oxide has been a very popular option in 2011. 


    Hope that helps you.  You'll find Bright Brushed Chrome in my bag! 


    Best regards,

    Dave N.

    Vokey Team 

  3. Mark A

    Hi Joe,

    I had the Black Oxide sent to me here in Australia. You should see all of the guys that want to have a look at them in my bag. Everyone asks me where I got them from. They look hot, but I wish I ordered the Bright Brushed Chrome, so they wouldn't stand out as much against my 710 MB's.

    I've had Oil Can before, but you'll probably end up trying to soak them in Coke to eat off the finish after a while. Whatever finish you choose, I recommend Wedgeworks. I couldn't have had better customer service than those guys!

  4. Joe L

    Just got my Vokey's...a 52.08 and 58.12 in Black nickel, and they are GORGEOUS.  Look so good, i almost dont want to hit them and put any marks on em....I think i picked the right finish for me, thanks for the input.

  5. Brent W

    That first Bunker shot is going to hurt a little bit. I bought 3 of the Black oxide and I did not want to hit them they were so beautiful.

    You will wear the sole off pretty fast but there is no getting around that. I still hit my PW (AP2) when I am in a situation where I could nick my club, But I will soon get over that to.

    Congrats on the new clubs..

  6. Harry W

    Hi Dave,

    I'm looking to buy a vokey with paint that will not wear off and will not rust. I have the OC finish currently and got it because i thought that i would like the rust effect; however, i do not. therefore, my choice is between BN and TC- which one is better regarding paint wear and rust?


  7. Mike C

    I have played with the Bright Brushed Chrome and the Black Oxide (unplated) finishes.  While the Black Oxide looks cool, I prefer the Bright Buushed Chrome when I am addressing the ball.

    As far as a club where the finish will not wear off or rust, I think all of the finishes will tend to wear off where the club contact is the greatest.  I think the Birght Brushed Chrome lasts the best overall as it is a plated finish, with the primary wear on the leading edge and the "slot" that developes on the sole of the club from use.  I have seen some rust develop on the sole of the club where the finish is worn but that it about it.  This also seems to happen when I am playing in rain and ocenside courses (Ireland, northern CA, etc.) but I always try to keep them as clean as possile whick tends to limit the rust effect.

  8. 19hole

    I prefer the Black Nickelin stock SM4s or the Black Oxide in the TVD. I find it much easier to look at on sunny days. The glare/reflection of the sun is greatly reduced.

  9. tom b

    Bought 3 Tour Chrome Sm4's (52, 56, 60) and haven't stopped smiling since they have gone in the bag. Liked them so much I replaced my wedge from my set and put a 46 in the bag to replace it. Soft feel - precision around the green and I just like staring at them while sitting in my office. lol! I have issues.

  10. Christian G

    I used to love the oil can finish.  Had it on all of my wedges for a few years.  I like the black oxide now, but unfortunately for us lefties, the finish options aren't as vast as the right handed versions.  Pretty much have tour chrome on all of my wedges now.  

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