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910 sleeve options

James P

I know the topic has been discussed over and over and i realize that Titleist will not sell the adapter sleeve separately.  If I send you a shaft will you install a genuine sleeve?  I would, of course, cover the expense.  You see I have a shaft which is not currently on your selection sheet.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hello James,  Unfortunately no, we won't install an adaptor on an outside shaft.  If we truly do not offer the shaft, that means that it has either 1) not passed our shaft testing. 2) is not a requested shaft by our Tour players or reps,  3) is a Tour only shaft that has passed testing, but the OEM vendor has requested that we not sell it outside of Tour players.

  2. steve c

    WOW I am so glad I found this information I almost screwed up and purchased a Titleist 913 D2 driver. I really liked it. It is clear they are trying to appear to be only for the rich. Its a LABEL that they are selling so people can feel like I GOT TITLEIST and the little people have to play a TM. Man I came so close to buying this I just wanted to see if the 914 was soon to arrive what a huge mistake I would have made. I hope one day Titleist will see its better to be consumer friendly and word of mouth in the golf shop is huge. I tell two people and they each tell two people and so on. They do make great clubs for the rich I guess.

  3. Don O

    steve c -

    While variety is what makes America great, I'm sorry you feel that way about Titleist equipment.  Titleist and a couple of other OEMs do charge a little more but they do offer more ways to customize equipment.  The OEMs more attuned to mass marketing tend to sell standard sets and the list of optional shafts are more limited.  A couple of OEMs have released 3 drivers each this year.  So while the original price of a couple were at the same price at the D2/D3s, yes, you can now buy the first one for about 250. 

    In any sport, the better equipment is going to cost more than mass merchandise.  I'm not a cycle purist, but I do know that brand name carbon fiber cycles will start well over 2000 and continue to escalate.  Or more than a fully custom bag of Titleist clubs.   Titleist is only expensive on how one values the equipment.  I'm serious but not a great golfer, LH, and old.  I didn't have much choice that might have fit me.  I have custom fit clubs that work for me and I plan to keep for years.  It is a good value for me in that I have confidence in them and I don't have to wonder constantly is the next new wonder release going to improve my game..

  4. steve c

    Don O,You are correct I am riding a diamondback, and it drive me crazy when I am peddling my butt off along the beach and Magilla Gorilla passes me like I am standing still on his $6000.00 carbon fiber bike. I saved my money for new clubs. Maybe I am not getting my point across. I have been eyeing the 910 and 913 series for a long time I think for me they are the best driver made. I was here to see if the 914 was going to be released so I could buy the 913. I read many complaints about the fittings here and other sites. What they are doing trying to keep people from being able to use a shaft they have or like is chicken poop. So I have got to go buy some garbage fittings to use my own shaft if I want to. Or if you can buy the same shaft they have for 1/4 of what they want they are trying to control the market. I think the TM line is in my opinion, like the I phone a new one next month and well not for me I will just say that. I am playing my old G15 with an aftermarket shaft I bought. I guess I will keep hitting it for a while. I am playing old a-4 irons that replaced my eye2. I am not a buyer of advertising I refuse to buy an I phone.... lol  But look they could make the parts available, really I think it stinks because the only option I have is knock off fittings if I decide to buy a 913. I would rather pay 20 bucks more for a fitting that has the tolerances and quality that Titleist offers. They know what they are doing. Its part of who they are to seek the high dollar golfer and try to discourage certain people. They know no matter how you spin it, it is what it is.

    If you know a fitter go take a TM driver in and check it in a loft lie machine in neutral and look at the numbers, switch a shaft or two with another  shaft from off the shelf in neutral and you will see how far off the tolerances are.

    Got to run no time to proof it hope it reads well

    Take Care


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