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Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 vs. Dynamic Gold S300

Tony L

I currently have the 710 AP2's with stock S300's (I've hit these shafts all throughout high school and all four years of college). I am hesitant to switch but I see so many tour pro's using them in their Titleist irons. What are the differences and benefits?

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  1. ClubSurgeon

    Dynamic gold shafts are weight sorted and are constant weight shafts. The 3 iron shaft weighs the same as the wedge shaft. The difference is how much weight tolerance is allowed to be called" the same weight" All the "S" models have same step pattern just different weights. Lighter is softer.The Tour Issue come in two step patterns S in 400 weight and X in 100 weight. The Tour Issue are selected with very tight weight tolerances so the shafts will play as close as possible in flex. In general ,I stay away from S300's. They are all the in-between shafts. I have found the s400 and S200 to be better options and have tighter weight sorting. The Tour issue are even tighter. If you want them a bit softer , 1 soft step should work. Not many folks hitting 3 iron shafts anymore and they come in sets 3-pw. That leaves you an extra wedge shaft. to play with. If what you have is working don't switch. Several tour players will keep the same shafts and install in their new irons. Shafts are the engines. Every set is a bit different even though the have the same components. If you are getting new irons(712's) and of you are the level of player that you describe go for the Tour Issue
  2. Carlo Angelo

    hmmm... more to think about for me. I currently have Dynamic Golf R300 on my irons 690CB. my wish list is for the new 712's. Aside from choosing between the AP2 or the 712CB, shaft choice will also be crucial. To get fitted for the right ones will be my goal.

    I can feel the difference of the S300 to the R300, especially on the long irons. Heavier...

  3. Andy M

    I play of +2 and on Saturday received my new 712 MBs with S400 TI shafts, I have been playing with S300's for many years however I felt that the TI shafts felt a little softer when hitting the longer irons. I know that they are heavier but I was curious to see if this was standard practice, and that the S300 shafts were stiffer....

    It may well be something to do with my impact position which I fully appreciate as I am working on things but still the shafts did feel that they were flexing more through impact...

    Any feedback would be appreciated....

  4. David Browning

    Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts are much more closer in frequency (From the #3 iron, to your PW, etc.), than compared to your average Dynamic Gold shafts. This means that your shafts will be closer in weight, CPM's., and so on. Your desired swingweight would be easier to dial in a tad more than the DG. They're not for everybody, though. You may fit in to a normal DG S-300. They're both great shafts.

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