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Fitting at TPI / Oceanside !!!

Dominic C

On Mon 9/19 at the Titleist testing facility in Oceanside, I experienced the ultimate fitting process!  

I had been struggling with my 710 AP2 + PX 5.0 combo, and ultimately decided to make an appointment at TPI to get properly fitted.  The entire experience was phenomenal, professional, educational, fun and very very relaxed.  There was absolutely no pressure to finish the process quickly.  I worked with Steve Ziff who was very patient and helpful, and methodical in selecting shaft combinations.  Along the way, Steve explained all of the ball flight & performance data (launch angles, impacts, spin rates, ball speed, etc, etc) being gathered on each shot, and the improvements with each shaft selection.  This all in a very leisurely setting.
We finally settled on NEW 712 AP2 (1-deg up / 1-deg strong) with Nippon NS 105T (Stiff).  This combo reduced my spin rate and increased distance over the 710 set.  I'm totally satisfied with the NS105T shaft and get much more feedback over the PX.

We also reviewed my 910D3 with Kaili 65 Stiff, and verified this was the proper shaft.  And finally, Steve fitted me with the 910F (19-deg) and 910FD (15-deg), both with Kaili 75 Stiff.  I've already placed my orders and can't wait to start playing.

If anyone is considering going to TPI to be fitted...DO IT!  The value is exceptional, and the experience tremendous.  And perhaps you'll be lucky enough to test alongside a touring pro, as I was!  You won't regret the decision.  I arrived early at 8:15 for a 9am fitting, hung out at the players lounge for a bit.  Then Cliff gave me a tour of the entire facility, TPI fitness center (as seen on TV), bumped into the pro!  Steve & I started the process a little after 9 after the fog lifted, and by noon I was done. 

Thanks to Andy, Steve, Cliff and Titleist for offering this to amateurs like me!

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  1. Cameron D


    This was great to read and I will pass this along to Andy, Steve, and Cliff! 

    Thank you for sharing your story! 



  2. Rick C

    Thanks Dominic for sharing. I have my appointment next Tuesday and am really looking forward to the exeprience as well. A few questions. It appears that you did both irons and woods for your fitting (I will be doing the same). Did you order the entire 712 AP2 set or did you test any hybrids? Are you ordering both sets of woods (910F and 910Fd) to hit primarily off the turf and tee, respectively?

    Thanks again for your feedback.



  3. One Putt

    Dominic great review of TPI!! What was the cost and or fees for the fitting? Going to be making the switch to Titleist and was wondering if and advanced clubfitter would be able to fit me as good as TPI?
  4. Dominic C

    Hey Rick-

    Thats great, you'll really enjoy it.  Be sure you get a short tour of the facility.

    I did test a hybrid, but for some reason I just struggled with it.  We actually tried the hybrid twice, once right after going thru the AP2s, and then again after checking out my 910D3.  Each time I struggled, it was puzzling!  I really have hit many hybrids,  I've always played with long irons.  Anyway, we decided to look at the 910F (15-deg) & 910Fd (19-deg).  These are great clubs!  I hit both easily off the deck and off tees.  The 910Fd was so easy to hit off the turf.  This combo gives me an overlap in yardages so I'm covered.  And with the ability to change lies/lofts, the versatility is even greater.  I did place my order for both fairway drivers, I'm planning to use both off the deck and tees.
    For the 712AP2s, I ordered PW - 4.  The 910F will fill in after the 4.  Still puzzled with the hybrid though!

    Also worth considering is getting fitted for wedges.  I decided not to this time around, just wanted to concentrate on the AP2s

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.  Have fun!  I'd like to hear how your experience was.

  5. Dominic C

    Hi Greg-

    I paid a total of $300 for the fitting at Titleist: $150 for the irons and $150 for the driver.  Great decision to switch to Titleist, always loved the look of their drivers relative to the other watermelons!
    I can only tell you that TPI is equipped with all the equipment to fully & properly fit you.  They have an abundance of shafts (no-cost & up-charge shafts) to test, they can bend irons immediately during the fitting, the monitoring is extremely comprehensive. And its just you and the fitter, no on--lookers.
    I don't think an advanced club fitter would have all the 'stuff' TPI has on site.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Rick C

    Thanks again Dominic. I will let you know how it goes. Last question, were you able to hit the 712 series? I heard they were available at Oceanside for fitting.


  7. Dominic C


    The 712's are indeed at Oceanside.  Since I had my old set of 710's we tested these and not the 712's, so I can't provide any comparison.
    I placed my oder though for the 712's!  Roger Dunns says they won't arrive till Nov.


  8. Chris92009

    What are the locations for these high level of fittings? What is the facility for the other coast of the country?


    Great to hear all the positive comments from everyone...sounds like a must do activity!  Would it be worth the cost of the plane ticket, rental car, fitting etc... etc... ? sounds like yes...

  9. fred k


    the oceanside facility is on the left coast just north of carlsbad.  it's not that far of a drive down to la jolla and torrey pines, either.  the manchester lane facility is in fairhaven, ma on the east coast.  i hear the manchester lane facility is absolutely unreal.

    - fred

  10. One Putt


    What type of player are you? Draw, fade, high, low ball flight? Handicap?




  11. Gregory H

    The TPI sounds like a great facility and I am anxious to schedule a comprehensive fitting. Can someone tell me what is the typical lead time for scheduling a session? I currently live in Thailand but would like to get fitted on a trip back to the states in the near future. I can do either west or east coast so is there much difference between Mass and CA? 


    Greg H.

  12. Dominic C


    I have always had a high ball flight, but can flight the ball lower when needed.  I also hit a slight draw.
    I play to a 6.

    I'm still waiting anxiously for my new 712 AP2s with NS105T (stiff)...its a tough wait.  But Roger Dunns allowed me to keep my current set of 710AP2s with Proj X till then...great deal!

  13. Dominic C


    I can tell you my situation...I called Andy Dobson on a tues and heard back fairly quickly of available times for the following week. I selected and set up an appointment for that following Mon.  
    It might be easier to set up a fitting during the week versus weekend.

  14. Gregory H

    Thank you Dominic. Sounds good. I would definitely do it during the week and will schedule when I do a trip back to the states. Was afraid there might be a long waiting list but glad to hear that has not been the case. I have had so so results on previous limited fittings so I am excited to work with real pros. I am a 2 handicap and thus a serious golfer. 

  15. One Putt

    Dominic- Thanks for the reply..I been working very hard on my swing and just want to be ready for when I pull the trigger to go to Oceanside for the fitting. I have not made an appointment yet just want all the info for when I do. Thanks again, Greg B
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