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swing speed

bob l

Hi have a club speed of 78-80 in my 6 iron and in my driver 90-95.

What iron shaft would be the best for me ?

thanks for the help

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  1. Lou G

    This appears to a borderline r flex to stiff. I've got about the same specs. I would go in the direction of regular if you want the ball to stop better (higher ball flight). What I did about a month ago was hit my DCI 981 8 iron (with DG S300 Sensicore) and a couple of my Eye 2 irons (7 iron with KT-M stiff and 8 iron with DG X). This came about because I had a bit of a distance anomaly with them (I would hit the 8 iron 2-3 yards farther than the 7). The Eye 2 irons matched in launch angle and ball speed (13 deg and 98 mph) but the 7 iron was normal distance (150 yd) and the 8 iron was about 10 yards short of normal (126 yd with a wide dispersion - I was basically all over the place). The DCI 8 iron had 120mph ball speed, 19 deg launch angle and almost 140 yd average. Also, the other day I went over to Fairway Golf and hit a few balls with a Eye 2 yellow dot 7 iron and liked the feel of the KBS and the Dynamic Gold S300. TT Lite XL is a good shaft also - gives a higher ball flight vs DG but you feel the clubhead a little more. TT Lite XL ($8.50) and True Temper DG (13.99) are affordable. KBS is a bit pricey (Golfsmith price for taper shafts is $35 a pop). DG R300 Sensicore is a good shaft because it dampens any vibrations - it gives the so-called "soft buttery feel" you read about.

  2. Quintin H

    What flex do you use now? how far do you hit your 6i?

  3. Lou G

    I constructed a set of Snake Eyes irons (Q3I 5-SW and 600W lob wedge), Snake Eyes hybrids (Q3A 38 deg and Q4A 39 deg), Toski Target woods (7W and 9W) with TT Lite XL and liked the feel. Also, a couple of my persimmons (Louisville Niblick 5W and 10W) have TT Lite XL. I have a 34 deg persimmon hybrid with DG R300, which also has pretty good feel. I reshafted an Adams Tight Lies 9 wood with TT Lite XL. The TT Lite XL will give a higher trajectory vs the DG.
  4. bob l

    i use a regular flex and i hit my six iron 145 yards

  5. Quintin H

    That doesn't quite seem far enough, I wouldn't think the HL's would cause you to lose you hit the ball really high?, maybe give it a bit of a slice?

    but anyway, I would think you have appropriate shafts, probably just need a bit of a swing adjustment, maybe pick up another 10y.

  6. Lou G

    I hit a 6 iron 150 yards straight with a conservative swing. There are quite a few golfers that hit a 6 iron about 150 yards but I see quite a few of them trying to muscle it to 160 and often end up anywhere but the green.
  7. jeremy s

    I hit my 6 iron consistently 175 an if I need to, I can crank it to 181. I use a KBS Tour Stiff, but might need to switch to a TT X100 shaft with my driver swing speed being 111mph avg. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Lou G

    The golf instructors always tell one to go on the side of more flexible for distance. I'm not King Kong, like most of those that post on this forum (I used to hit a 7 iron 165 yd in my 20s and could hit a 3 iron 220 yards then). I'm good for 145-150 yards with a 7 iron and I use a 7W and 5H in place of the 3-6 irons (I choke down on the 5H to cover the gap). I can hit my DCI 981 4-6 irons OK but it is a lot less work to use the 7W and 5H. Best thing to do is go to a fitting station (since the standard fitting club is a 6 or 7 iron) and try a DG X100 vs the KBS Tour Stiff. Take the same head and compare them on a launch monitor first. I had X flex on an 8 iron in my Ping Set (the label said DG X). I had an anomaly where I would hit it 3 yards farther than the 7 iron (which had a KT-M stiff on it). One day I took it, the 7 iron and the 8 iron in my DCI 981 iron set (which has DG R300 Sensicore). The launch monitor showed a 13 deg launch angle and 98 mph ball speed on my other set and a 19 deg launch angle and 117 mph ball speed on the DCI. The 7 iron average distance was what I expect out of one (150 yd). The other 8 iron was showing an average distance of 126 yd and I was all over the place! The DCI 8 iron was 135 (my normal distance) and a tighter shot pattern. I am in the process of reshafting the other set (TT Lite XL r flex - I used this shaft on a set of irons I constructed and a couple of my persimmons have the same shaft).

  9. Chris K

    I am also looking for some help on shafts. I am presently looking into upgrading my irons and am locked in to some AP1's. I have a driver speed of 110. Not sure what my 6 iron speed is, but I do know I hit it 190-200yds with a uniflex shaft that comes stock on -4 big berthas. I know I should be looking at a stiff shaft, but how stiff. Was looking for info on the KBS and Project x. Thanks

  10. eboos

    I hit the AP2 6 iron 185-190 with a high flight with the stock DG S300 shafts. With my next club purchase, I would get a proper fitting, as I would expect to use a different, or stiffer shaft.

  11. Lou G

    With 190-200 yard 6 irons, you should be on the PGA tour.     150-160 yard 6 iron is regular flex.  S400 or maybe even X100. 

  12. eboos

    Lou G

    With 190-200 yard 6 irons, you should be on the PGA tour. 

    I wish that is all it took. I consider myself a long hitter, but I am a terrible scorer. If you are young, tall or flexible, distance isn't a problem.

  13. Chris K

    I do hit it that far. No fish story. 9 iron. 145-155. 8 iron. 160-175. 7iron. 175-185. 6 iron. 185-200. 5 iron 200-210. Thanks for the advice. S400. What about project x? Or KBS? 

  14. Lou G

    Lou G

    With 190-200 yard 6 irons, you should be on the PGA tour. 

    Short Game!  A lot of people crumble within 100 yards of the pin.  Also see a lot that struggle hitting bunker shots.

  15. eboos

    Lou G

    With 190-200 yard 6 irons, you should be on the PGA tour. 

    No argument from me. I was killing my irons all day today, but I was leaving my chips short, and I could not putt.
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