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Replacing a 905T v2 76g s

Rich H

I have a 905T 9.5 degree with a V2 76g shaft in a stiff.  I like almost everything about it, ball flight, feel, etc. 

The problem is that during a practice session the head got dented hard (long story). So I am looking for a new driver.  In hitting the new 910s, I have found I prefer the look and performance of the D3.  Seems closer to the flight/spin of my 905.  I would, however, like to go lighter in the shaft as I am not getting younger and courses get longer.


Looking for shaft recommendations.  I'm thinking of the 65gram V2, but would rather go a little lower in weight. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.  The 905 was a bore-through.  Not sure how that will compare in stiffness on the new ones.  


I don't have the access to a launch monitor and there are 40 options on the shaft page.  Thanks!

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  1. Ryan Crysler

    I'd say you have two options. I'd consider getting the same setup but requesting the 1 gram (white) swingweight screw. That will drop the swing weight down considerably and provide a light feel. You may also experiment with the Alidia RIP 60 stiff. It will have a similar feel, but much lighter. Let us know what you decide! But we would love to see you find a fitter.
  2. Rich H

    Ended up going with an AJ Tech 4430 shaft.  Really drives it well, better club head speed.  Have found recently during a fitting that my spin is a little high, but working on getting the swing grooved and this will try some options.  I did try the RIP, and although I didn't dislike the shaft, the feel wasn't quite a match.  More work to come, and I'm sure I'll try a 913 too.


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