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Bassara Shaft

Steve N

If a Bassara 50g shaft replaced the Diamana 65g r-flex in the 909 D2 driver, what would the change in swing weight be?  

Should the swing weight be adjusted back up to what it was or is that defeating the purpose of the Bassara shaft?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    If we built with a Bassara W 50, we would not increase the swingweight to match the swingweight of the Diamana Blue 65.  The change in swingweight would be approximately 2 swingweights lighter.

  2. Steve N

    Thank you.

  3. Shawn M

    Cathi, When Ben Crane switched last year to this shaft (Bassara), did he adjust the weight in the driver head (this was a feature you guys ran on the blog near end of last year)? Thanks, Shawn
  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Ben switched to a 7.5 head with a Bassara W (straight in) in an X flex at 46".  He used a 2 gram weight.  With all the success that he is having with it, several other guys have been experimenting, too.:)

  5. Shawn M that a switch in the weight? and if so, from what? Thanks
  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    At standard length of 45", we would build the W with a 7 gram weight.

  7. Chris T

    Cathi, this is very interesting, I have tried the Bassara 50 gram and kept losing the club head. However I still had the 7 gram weight in my driver head.

    When these shafts were made an option for the fitting carts, were the fitters advised that the intention was to have the club 2 swing weights lighter? I.e.a lighter head as I'm sure that will have an impact on what I experienced and how the shaft will play .

    Regards, Chris T

  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    I'm not sure I follow your train of thought......  Most of the heads in the surefit cart have 7 gram weights.  When they change the shaft from, say a Kai'li to a W, the swingweight will naturally drop 2 swingweights due to the weight of the shaft.  They would not need to change the weight in the head unless a lighter or heavier swingweight was preferred.  For example, I have a 5 gram weight in my head because I prefer a lighter swingweight.  By losing the head, do you mean you could not feel the head?  you could put a heavier weight in the head.  If you mean that it was not squaring up for you, you could try it in a stiffer flex.  

  9. Chris T

    Hi Cathi, yes I was mixing a couple of thoughts in my mind, yes the head did not square. So I was thinking that the head would need to be lighter than it already was which would mean I wouldn't be able to feel it at all.

    Why this started to confuse me elsewhere team Titleist have stated that shaft upgrades are shipped with weights where appropriate to restore the swingweight. So if I was playing my driver at D2 with the Kaili 65 I'd need say a 12 gram weight with this shaft to restore it to D2.This wasn't mentioned hence my question.

    So I think you are absolutley right I would have to play this shaft in at least stiff. I know swingspeed is only a very arbitory measure and performance for the individual depends on several other factors appertaining to the swing.

    However it woul be really useful for Titleist to give a swing speed indication for each flex of the made for titleist shafts in the same way many of the Shaft OEMs do.That would at least provide a starting reference . For example from what I experienced this Bassara would only work well in reg flex if my swing was super smooth or my club head speed was below 80mph.

    I have a similiar dilema with the hybrid. After the experience with the driver shaft I'm worried how the 60 gram bassara might play in reg flex compared to the 71 gram ilima. These bassara hybrid shafts are not on the fitting carts and making trips to the UK fitting centre at £140 dollars a trip is half the cost of the club Bottom line there is no real baseline info to help make a judgement on this..

    By the way that is how I worked out the G50 light was right for me. GD baseline plus experience with their shaft line.

    Thanks for helping me out getting that built it is as you guys say AWSOME!

    Regards Chris T

  10. Shawn M

    Cathi, one other question...if i put the bassara shaft in a standard shaft and 5 gram weight, what would be the swing weight and if i put the 2g weight in what would be the swing weight? Thanks, Shawn
  11. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    At standard length with a stock grip, the 5 gram weight will build at D0 +/-1 and the 2 gram weight will build at C8 +/-1

  12. Stanley M

    I recently purchased a 46'' 910DE Driver with a Bassara 50 Hi   R-Flex driver.  Using a Titleist Velocity Ball, I am getting more distance and accuracy.  The setting is A3 per a fitting at a CC .  Will a 910F with the same shaft be compatible to the the driver? 

  13. Steven C

    I think this is a great shaft option.  I got the 5og w in stiff and had it tipped half an inch to play at 44.5.  Typically with a shorter shaft to maintain the same pop off the face as well as natural swing weight should I change the weight.  I bought the addition swing weight and I have an 8.5.  My swing speed is 112 mpg and ball speed 160 ish...with this combo my spin is high at 3200 rpm.  I guess Id also like to see if your suggestion could reduce spin verson losing club head spead and going to a lower torque shaft with a differint kick


    Steve from Canada

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