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910 F or Fd?

Micheal P

About six months ago, I was fitted for the the 910 d3.  The shaft being the RIP 70 X stiff.  I don't know if it is the shaft or the club, but its the best I have ever hit.  Compared to the the 975 (shaft not a good fit,  it was the green true temper), the 705S (speeder stiff) which I still have and really liked, and the 909 D2 with the burgundy stock stiff shaft not a great fit but my brother hits it now and really likes it.   Well I am now wanting to get the 3 wood to match the driver.  I currently have the r 11 3 wood with the stock blur stiff and its just doesn't feel good. Decent club but the shaft not so much.  I really like the RIP shaft in the driver.  Any recommendations on what shaft to get in the 3 wood.  Shop I used for the driver fitting does not have the shafts to demo that they would recommend. They are ready to order and so am I, but wanted suggestions on what shaft?   Also,  I use 3 wood predominately for tee shots, so I should get the fd? 






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  1. David Browning

    Compared to the 910F, the 910FD would be a better choice if you're using your 3 wood mainly for tee shots. As for shafts, see if you can find an Advanced Titleist Fitter near you. If so, then they should have a variety of shafts to choose from and will fit you for the perfect 910 wood. 

  2. Quintin H


    The fitter you went to has seen your swing, if he fit the right shaft for your driver then most likely he would fit the right shaft for your 3w.

    I have had a deep faced 13* 3w that was far better hitting off the ground than it was hitting off a tee, and a 13* 906f2 that was far better hitting off the tee. So I guess the style of clubhead best for you will depend on you.

    You say "predominately" off the tee, that means sometimes you hit it off the ground, so your choice should be to maximize the effectiveness both from the tee and the ground.

  3. Dave D

    I had the same decision last year. Like you, I mostly hit my 3w from the tee because I rarely find it worth it to go for a green from 250+ yards out. I went to an advanced fitter and tried both. In the end, I went with the 910Fd because I preferred it off the tee, and I saw little difference between the F and Fd off the grass. 

  4. Micheal P

    Thanks everybody.


    I was impatient and ordered the FD last night.   Not sure what shaft because they did not have it to be demo'd but it is the RIP shaft  possibly the 80.





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