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Big Sur Cameron--Can it be made in a 35 inch putter?

Joe a

I really like the kombi 35 inch putter i was testing the other day. Feels as face balanced as Scottys can get. But I also like center shafted putters, and the kombi is not.

Do Big Sur S putters come in 35 inch models? Can they be made to play at 35" just by cutting it down, or would a new shaft be needed to get the proper feel and weight?

Any shaft recommendations, if so?



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  1. Rick C

    I have one of the original Big Sur.  It is a big blade and mine is copper plated.  The shaft was two piece and the coupling broke.  I cut it down and made it standard length putter for awhile.  The lie angle is different, and the head was very heavy.  I liked the heavy head part of it but the lie ange was 79* which is the same as yours, and the typical Scotty is 71* for both the belly putters and standard length putters.

    So, in order for this to happen and it have the proper lie and weight you will have to send it to a custom shop that can change the lie angle.  Weights are easier now but the angle is an issue.  I ended up glueing another shaft in mine and making it a long putter again, but I cut the coupling out of the shaft.  I do not think that they still make the long shafts in two pieces any more.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Cameron D


    Due to the head weight, lie angle, and shaft diameter, we can't cut these down to 35".  When I mention shaft diameter, I'm referring to the diameter at where the grip would be put on (too small).  As far as models that are close to face balanced as possible, you could look at the GoLo S, GoLo, Newprt 2.6, or Notchback.



  3. Joe a

    thank you. i appreciate the response.

  4. Chris B

    Can we order a Big Sur in a custom length?

  5. Cameron D


    The custom lengths can be ordered 44"-52" in the Big Sur model.



  6. TDu Bois

    I have a Scotty Cameron Big Sur putter that I want to cut down to a counterbalanced putter grip length. (38") I have been told that, for several reasons, this cannot be done and the best way to accomplish what I intend to do is to replace the shaft. If I do this, what dia. shaft would I need to use and, will I have to incorporate any additional weights into the shaft itself in order to "balance out" the weight of the putter head with the shaft?

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