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Regional Fitting Centers?

Ben G


Am currently in the market for a new driver and was thinking about making an appointment at one of your Regional Fitting Centers.  I was hoping to get fit for a 913.  Any idea of when they will have those ready to fit?



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  1. Cameron D


    Our Regional and National Fitting Centers will start fitting for 913 on September 14th.



  2. Ben G

    Thanks Cameron!  Quick follow up question....if I decide to go get fit at a regional fitting center for a driver, would I be able to leave that day with my new club, or is that something that is then ordered out?  Thanks again for the help!

  3. Jerry R

    I'm curious too about Ben's follow up question.

  4. Brice Waddell

    The Regional Fitting Centers do not build clubs on site, so your new clubs would need to be ordered after the fitting.  For those being fit for new 913 line, the drivers would ship in November and the fairways/hybrids in February.

  5. Mike S

    Just went to a regional club fitter today and didn't know what to expect.  I got fit for AP2 712 and not to sure what to think may be a staff member can help clear this up. I hit a few off the lie board to get proper lie than started fitting for shaft we used the launch monitor to get swing speed, launch ...etc.  and that was it.  I thought that it was more than just that. I am happy with the choice of shaft but as a regional fitter I thought it was much more testing involved than that.  Can one of the staff members please tell me if this is the right test method for a regional fitting center vs any old demo day or advanced fitter. After traveling 6 hours and $150.00 later just want to know if it was worth it?

  6. Mike S

    I want to say thanks to Brett P from Titleist  because after my post Brett took the time to personally call me to find out about my dissatisfaction with my fitting. Brett took the time with me to offer many options to get the correct shaft and have them shipped to a local club with a launch monitor so I can try them. It's nice to know that Titleist takes the time to really care about the consumer. Great job and thanks again Brett P...


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