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What kind of increase have you seen from Titleist Driver Fitting?


I am dying to know if the solution to my problem is simply in a fitting.  I feel like, relative to my iron yardages, I am about 30 yards short with my current driver and fairway wood.  I am planning to get a fitting when I purchase the 913 line to replace my 910 equipment, but I am wondering how much yardage I could potentially (obviously this is different for everyone) stand to gain.  I am going to give as much information as I can for reference.

I am going to try to be as brief as possible while giving enough details to allow for analysis.  I have a huge disparity in distance between my irons and my woods (driver/3wd) and I would like input to decide whether to focus more on equipment or swing.  I am going to list my club specs below.  All of my distances with my irons are + 10 yards, as what I have listed are for a comfortable swing.  The distances for my 3 wood and driver are +/- 10 yards.  I would say that the yardages are fairly close to my actual averages, but I get very little roll with the driver and 3wd (tee and fairway).  It's not so much that I have an ego driven need to be the longest in the group, but rather, I want to maximize my potential and it seems like something is wrong when I am + 1 - 2 clubs longer with irons, than people who hit their 3wd further than my "good" drive - please don't read as whining.  This has always been a problem for me for many years, and not just with my current equipment. I committed to a swing change early last year when I returned to the game after an 18 month hiatus that was driven by my frustration with driving performance.  I now have a more connected swing with greater rotation; as I used to take it well outside and reroute to a very inside out path that turned into a viscous hook.  I feel very comfortable with the new swing and have become "unconsciously competent" in it's execution, and I play a gentle draw with my irons and woods.  My iron divots are in line with my target line and they are not too deep or shallow (dollar bills), and I am equally capable of hitting short and long irons.  With my irons, I can control trajectory, can work the ball high/low and left/right, and I would describe my stock ball flight (for all clubs) as penetrating. My miss is a pull draw (not hook) which I believe is mostly attributed to face angle at impact, rather than path. My driver, 3 wood, and utility shafts were not professionally fitted, and in irons, I was fitted to KBS Tour X soft stepped 1x.  I did not like the higher ball flight or soft feel of the KBS shafts and switched back to DG with no loss of distance or direction (only lowered flight and changed feel).  I am a 4 index, 6'3",and 280 lbs.  All clubs have Lamkin crossline cord grips with 1 extra wrap of tape.
Club Carry Distance Specs Driver 250 Titleist 910 D3/ 8.5*/ GD AD-DI 8 +3/4", 3 wood 240
Titleist 910fd/ 15*/ Fuji P95 +3/4", Utility 230 Titleist 910h/ 19*/ GD AD-DI 105 +3/4", 3i 220 Titleist 712MB/ 21* / TT DGTourX-100 +1", 4i 210 Titleist 712MB/ 24* / TT DGTourX-100 +1", 5i 200 Titleist 712MB/ 27* / TT DGTourX-100 +1", 6i 190 Titleist 712MB/ 31* / TT DGTourX-100 +1", 7i 180 Titleist 712MB/ 35* / TT DGTourX-100 +1", 8i 170 Titleist 712MB/ 39* / TT DGTourX-100 +1", 9i 160 Titleist 712MB/ 43* / TT DGTourX-100 +1", PW 150 Titleist Vokey SM4/ 46*/ TT DGTourX-100 +1", GW 135 Titleist Vokey SM4/ 52*/ TT DGTourX-100 +1", SW/LW 115 Titleist Vokey SM4/ 58*/ TT DGTourX-100 +1"

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  1. NavyLD12

    When I did my driver fitting I was able to  see some increase in distance but the biggest increase was in accuracy.

  2. Don O

    A new driver is a $400 investment.  Unless you get fitted, you could easily get the same results.  I did get more than 10% - and a lot of piece of mind (quiet) dumping a Sasquatch square head for a driver with the loft and flex suited to me.  But the Sasquatch was just wrong for me without even getting into the technology (or noise).  You might find the 910 with some adjustment and a new shaft may be good enough to forgo the 913.  At least you'd know that the driver was fit to you and not you compensating to the driver.

  3. Stetson F

    I do not know much about your flight pattern or your goals BUT to me it seems that an 80 gram shaft in your driver with 8.5* of loft is the reason for only 250 yards of carry.  Generally (for most not all) a shaft that heavy and a loft the low would be for somebody will very high swing speeds that would be carrying the ball further.  Perhaps switching to a higher loft and/or lighter shaft would be very helpful.  Lightening the shaft could also lead to better distance, as you do not have to swing as hard to load the shaft in your swing.

  4. 808HACKER

    How much does it cost to get fitted for clubs, and are you obligated to purchase a club once the fitting is done?  If I'm hitting my current setup straight and with decent distance vs not much difference with new fitted clubs.  I don't want to waist money on new clubs.

    Kind regards.

  5. simon r

    I see you have + 3/4 on your woods. I'm no expert and you would have to give me 10 shots but I have read that a lot of the top pro's including actually cut down their driver shafts from standard to improve consistency and control.

    I am the same height as the OP and I have have great results in doing just that. Many of the modern tour pro's are playing a sub 45" shaft in their drivers and they tend to be excellent ball strikers. Its the manufacturers that keep adding length to account for improved distance with robot testers.

    I think hitting the sweet spot every time is the secret to great distance. 

  6. John L

    I would say the first thing that pops out at me is the fact that every club in your bag is a mid to low launch mid to low spin shaft except your driver. GD dosen't really make a good low launch shaft. you would have been better off with the stock shaft. i would say give the rip 80 a try or if your want to wait for the 913 line just get the D+ shaft they they offer as a stock shaft. it truly is a great shaft i got to demo it two days ago and i was impressed for a stock options shaft it plays pretty stiff.

  7. Don O


    How much does it cost to get fitted for clubs, and are you obligated to purchase a club once the fitting is done?  If I'm hitting my current setup straight and with decent distance vs not much difference with new fitted clubs.  I don't want to waist money on new clubs.

    Kind regards.

    Outdoor fittings with all the monitors and a full cart of choices will run $100-300.  A full fitting will take 2-3 hours, usually over 2 sessions.  Depending on the OEM rules, the fitting and/or the clubs may be discounted once you purchase clubs there.  So the net cost if you buy can vary dramatically.  For example, some manufacturers don't  allow discounts, so the fitting may be free.  Besides just replacing your clubs, a good fitter will also make sure your swing doesn't include corrections to accomodate the old clubs.  Lesser grades of clubs that were purchased off the rack w/o checking lie for all clubs are usually the easiest to improve on.  If you weren't fitted for your last set and they are more than 3 years old, you can probably get some improment that you will need to judge if it is worth it.  If you had a 910 D and it is well adjusted, it would unlikely that a 913 will give a full iron improvement.  A 2007 Burner can probably be improved upon.  It all comes down to whether a 4-8 extra yards will give you enough satisfaction to pull the trigger.

  8. Brian C

    I just got fitted today and saw an average of 14+ yards increase and my accuracy was dialed in big time.  I have done the basic fittings at Golfsmith previously and thought that was good enough.  Today I went to one of the 5 regional fitting centers for Titleist and completely different experience than before.  Also helps they have a better system called Trackman which is doppler based and more accurate since you are hitting real balls on the range instead of into a net so you not only get to see your numbers on a screen but can see your real ball flight.  Would never buy another club any other way.  

    Put it this way with my 910 D2 I was avg 90mph and 133mph ball speed.  After experimenting with a ton of shafts even shafts that were not offered as stock for the 913 I increased my  club speed to 93.5 avg and a ball speed of 140avg with the 913 D3 with the lighter phenom shaft.  Even if you have to drive a distance, getting a qualified fitter with the right equipment is well worth it.  I never would have guessed it made that big of a difference and now I am a believer.  They normally charge 125 for the fitting, but since I bought the driver, they provided it free.    

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