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Help 712 MBs KBS Tour Shaft Swing weight to be D2

Ian F

National Fitting Centre 712 MB 

Hi can Titleist help please I went to Kings Acre Golf Club in Scotland on

30 August which is a national fitting Centre.

I was fitted for 712 MBs 4 to PW Shaft KBS Tour stiff flex, Length and Lie Standard.  I requested swingweight to be D2 the fitter noted this and told me to tell my local Professional to order that when he puts in the order. The fitter told me that the clubs could be built to D2. 

I have ordered last week from my local Professional last week, just had a call from my Professional saying Titleist UK cant make the clubs to D2 swingweight. I don’t understand this can someone from Titleist confirm if the clubs can be built to D2 swingweight.

I am aware that the KBS Tour shaft has a lower swingweight  but I have seen it around C9, which I don’t want. I am sure if a Staff player wanted this it would be built . I know I can add lead tape to the club, but Titleist offer and charge for custom fitting and the last thing I want is to put lead tape onto the clubs after I have been custom fitted.

Please send a reply as soon as possible.

Ian Fisher

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Ian,  I will forward you message onto our UK office as we do show that the set can be built to D2 swingweight.  Nomally, the KBS Tour stiff will build at about a D0 swingweight.

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