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913 series - cutting shaft

mike k

will be all SureFit™ Hosel Technology right?

i want to cut inch, is that affactive to SureFit tech?


and one more.

when is available 913?

nov 1st?

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  1. Christian J

    From all I've read, they are all SureFit Technology.  The Driver is set to release Nov 8th, or Nov 9th can't remember which day.

  2. Cameron D


    The 913 is set for an In-Hands date of November 9th.  Cutting a shaft from the butt end to adjust length will not affect the SureFit technology. 



  3. Lou G

    Cutting it an inch stiffens the flex slightly.  I have my 910F 24* with a shaft length of 38.5"  and Surefit setting of D3.   It does feel slightly stiffer than my 27 (set at B3) but now I get the desired 10 yard separation.

  4. steve b

    Right from the experts -- The Titleist shaft engineers ... cutting a shaft from the butt end does not affect the stiffness of the shaft.  They told me cutting it up to two inches would hardly affect the stiffness. Cutting from the tip will change how the shaft performs.

    Cutting the shaft from the butt will change swing weight, which does not affect ball flight. Swing weight is more of a player's feel thing, not a factor in ball flight.

  5. Lou G

    Theoretically cutting the shaft is not supposed to change the stiffness.   I have a Burner 2K7 draw driver with 44.5" shaft M flex and compared it to an R11 or RBZ driver with the stock 45 3/4" shaft and the latter two feel a little bit whippier. 

    Shortening it 1" changes the swingweight by 6 points given that one uses the same standard 52 gram rubber grip.  To maintain swingweight, one needs to either add 12 additional grams of weight in the head, change the grip to 23 grams (such as Winn Lite Dri Tac or a combination of changing to a Winn Excel RF (43g) and an additional 8 grams in the head.

    Most golfers just can barely detect a swingweight difference of 3 points.


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