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Steel shafts in 910 and 913 series



I’m a long time player of Titleist and I have always found that the heavier feel of a True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft have fitted me the best. And hence I have that shaft option in all my clubs. Now enquiring my local pro, he tell me that I can’t have the 910F with my trusted TT DG S300, and that it is only being sold with graphite shafts and so are the 913 series.

Can this really be true?

Could someone please clear this up for me?



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  1. Cameron D


    You can get the DG S300 in the 910 and 913.  I would recommend trying some of the new graphite shafts that are available.  The technology and characteristics in these shafts is much better then it has been in recent years.  Many graphite shafts offer exceptional feel that also provide similar ball flight characteristics to the DG S300.  

    Here is a link to all our available custom shafts:



  2. Withander


    Thanks for the answer. I have a steel shafted driver and I would also like my fairway to have a steel shaft. But how do I get my hands on a steelshafted 910F? The store I normally buy from says that Titlest assebles the clubs so if you guys dont fit I steel shaft in it from the beginning I cant have it.

    So what am I to do?



  3. Cameron D

    Any authorized Titleist retailer can order you a shaft only.  Meaning, you can request the Dynamic Gold steel shaft flex you are looking for and we will ship the shaft only with the SureFit adapter and an extra bezel weight (to adjust swing weight). 



  4. Jake S

    I'm also interested in getting the 913 driver with a s300 shaft


    With the extra bzel weight, is the driver length 44"?





  5. Cameron D


    You can order that shaft with that driver and it will come in that length of 44".  You can request an extra bezel weight with your order as well.



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