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Team Titleist Event

Brian D

Yesterday was another unforgettable day thanks to the Team Titleist crew. 

I cannot say enough for Mike, Alicia, and Karen for such a great day.  Why you might ask...I had the privilege and honor of being selected to get a customized fitting by the Manchester Lane Team.  My elite professional Titleist fitter Karen set me up for my new 913 D3 driver. 

Not only was I granted a 1st crack at seeing the NEW 913 Driver, but my performance needs were complimented by dialing in the AD DI Graphite Tour Design shaft via Titleist Sure Fit Technology.  That combination allowed me to gain ball speed, optimize both my launch angle and spin rate resulting in MORE DISTANCE!!!

Here are a few pics from the day.

 Again, thank you very much for the terrific experience


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  1. Cameron D

    Thanks for sharing Brian and glad you had a great experience! 



  2. Christian J

    Just another reason why Titleist is nearly number one in everything they do.

  3. James B

    very nice :-)

  4. Tom S.

    Very nice!Good for you Brian,your a very lucky man!

  5. Carlo Angelo

    That's what I thought.  A Titleist event being great.  It was unfortunate for me as I had to turn down the invite that I got.  Tried to make it work out around the family's schedule but to no avail (family first).  I regretted missing it and am still regretting that I did... I hope I get another chance next time.

    I envy you Brian...

    Happy golfing.


  6. Deno

    Very cool Brian.   Lucky you.


  7. Evan01

    do you have any idea why you were selected? Was it a random pick or are you just a handsome  dude that would look good in a advertisement?

  8. Brian D

    I am guessing I was selected for being a loyal FPL Titleist well as being very lucky / fortunate.  I am very active on their discussion boards and regularly participate in surverys whenever posted.

    Again, very fortunate and honored by being selected.

    Thanks again to Mike, Alicia, Kellie, and most of all Karen for dialing me in to the settings that are best for me in my new 913 D3.


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