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Question for the mad scientist at Titleist

John L

First of to Cathi and the rest of the TT staff i don't expect a quick response to this one hahaha.

So i'll tell you what i know and ask the question. I have spent some time with my Titleist rep recently and we've been talking about the 913 line. he is fresh of his 913 sales rep conference and had a lot of good info. He's been fitting me for about 5 years now and we both now its impractical for him to bring a shafts here just for me to demo. (examples: 7z08, mortar speeder. white board all in X-stiff) but what spiked my interest was your new +72 series shaft. Now for those of you reading not from Titleist this is a big deal shaft. He was telling me about how the Titleist engineers spent time developing the shaft and all its specs. and supposedly this here shaft technology Is on the grounds of improving on the Aftermarket technology. I.E. the (+) in the name. So to my understanding is we are getting a top dollar shaft for rock bottom price because Titleist did the R&D and Dinama bought the rights to make it for you. somewhere along those lines. anyways Onwards to the question

Q: looking for the specs of the 72+shaft. white board. I'm looking at trying to get it in X-stiff and tip'd so i cant get alittle more stiffness, or less torque out of it.  what would be the specs of a tip'd 1 inch version of this shaft. Im really contemplating trying out this new Stock options staff. I've herd a lot of good things about it. what are the mad scientist's ideas, opinions or recommendations. 

Current shaft is a Mortor speeder tour spec 7.2 x-stiff tip'd 1 inch.

Cheers greens and fairways


I know it might be asking a lot but if its possible i would love to know. 

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    In the past Titleist, pioneered a progressive torque design with Mitsubishi's help and utilized it on proprietary Titleist shaft designs. This has proven to be a very worthwhile and effective performance feature. The new Diamana D+ White and S+ Blue shafts were designed and developed by Mitsubishi, but they decided to use the progressive torque feature that we pioneered with them. These shafts are not proprietary shafts available only at Titleist. The D+ and S+ are premium shafts available in the market that we are putting into the new 913 metals as a stock choice.

    The Motore Speeder Tour Spec 7.2 X is similar to a XX flex.  If you tip the XX Motore at 1", you will probably want to tip the +White 72 X flex at 1.5".

  2. John L

    Wow Cathi i am super impressed. i expected to wait a little longer for a reply.  I hit the 913 line today. and i have to say i am impressed with the things titleist has done with the D2 line. I have been a D3 player in the 909 and 910 lines. but i got some amazing results from the both the D3 and D2. i swung both heads on my 910 line speeder shaft since I'm sure you can understand the fitter didn't have anything comparable. but i did swing the 913F 3W with the new D+ shaft and i have to say i am impressed. I'll have another chance Saturday since the fitter will be at another course near by me so i'll put some more time in on it and compare it to my 910 and 909 lines. But again thanks for the quick response.

    cheers greens and fairways


    P.s. hit another manufcaturer's club also wasn't impressed. tried the new anser line wasn't for me but the I20 was a nice.

    club head speed 121 avg. 176 ball speed, carry 297, 22 yrds roll on average. on about 35 swings. 3,340 spin rate slight draw maybe 10 yards from right to left. between 15-17 degree launch angle. they told me the smash factor but i didn't pay attention. anyways thanks again.  

  3. Joe B

    176mph 15-17* 3340rpm would be really interesting to see.  Peak height and air time is probably crazy.

  4. Jan-Ivan L

    This is really great question because I was wondering the same thing.  I've hit the 913 D this year already and it feels great.  I currently play the Diamana Whiteboard 72 S in my 910 D3 and was also thinking about how much I would need to tip to get the White 72+ to get the same torque and feel when the 913 comes out.  Great responses so far so I just wanted to say thanks!

  5. John L

    I've been trying hard for the last 4 years to get  the launch and spin rate down. they keep telling me i should be launching at 11-12 degrees with around 2500 rpm.  in a head wind i lose so many yards. i've been working on a lower boring flight for hitting into the wind but its been a difficult project.  but to give you an idea of hang time. i could hit the ball watch the ball flight for a moment pick up my tee and walk back and watch the tracker display the ball flight by the time it landed. i hope i helped with sales hahahah there were reps from other manufacturers all there with about 60 or so people all trying things out. Of course none of the reps carry my shaft or anything similar so when I'm hitting drivers from other manufacturers the ball flight is no where near the same, but i was able to put my shaft in the 913line and bomb some drives. The 913 line is a solid line and titleist did well in there product development. 

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