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AP2 Club Fitting (Upright vs. Flat)

Ryan B

Hey guys, 

I recently heard that clubs today are way to upright. Is there any truth in this? If you are using a 3* upright club compared to a 3* flat club what would the differences be? For example, if you are using a 3* upright wont you have a much higher ball flight because of the steepness of your swing, and wont it also make your hands flip more through impact? Let me know your thoughts. 

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  1. Cameron D


    We've developed our standard lie angles from extensive testing with players of all skill levels, including tour players.  Generally, players that need more upright lies tend to be very toe heavy through impact and vice versa for flat lie angles needed.  The players that may need a more upright lie can have the tendency to see a couple different ball flights.  One, they may see the ball tail to the right since the club face gets opened up through impact as a result of the toe leading into the turf.  Two, the player may see the ball flight hook as a result of the toe leading into the turf, the player recognizing this, and flipping the club face closed to compensate.  These are great examples as to why a Club Fitter is very important in determining the right lie angle.  They can not only recognize the ball flight tendencies, but will also listen to the sound of impact as well as observe the sole of the club (or divots in some cases). 



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