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I'm just talkin' 'about shafts.

Josh L

A little about my driver SS ranges between 100-105mph.  I have a quick tempo and quick transition, which can sometimes lead to holding my lag too long and leaving the clubface open.  Therefore, I've found that I like heavier shafts that let me feel where I am in my swing.  During an iron fitting, I tried ten shafts of varying weight and I was terrible with the lighter shafts.  Plane and impact was very inconsistent!


With my driver setup (910 D2 w/ Oban Devotion 67gram stiff, tipped 1/4"), I get a great mid-piercing flight with low spin.  This gives me great distance and plenty of rollout.  The only downside of this shaft is that if you get lazy at all, your shot is going to suffer a lot.  I actually would like a 70 gram shaft for my driver...maybe something that launches just a touch higher and with comparable spin.  Any thoughts?  I am thinking a real-deal Kai'Li 70 or Fubuki Alpha may be a good fit.

Previous driver was the 910 D3 w/ Proforce V2 66 gram stiff.   It was very hit or miss for me.  I would either experience a loooong mid-flight bomb, or I would balloon on my 3/4 down the line.  The good drives were probably superiour to my current setup, but they were not consistent.  Perhaps I need more spin in my current setup.  Prior to the Proforce V2, I had the Titleist Kai'Li 65 gram stiff in my D3 and it drove the ball very straight, but ballooned very often.

3 wood:

I am playing a 910f with a Project X 7C3 6.0 shaft.  Overall I like the shaft, but would like a higher launch but also a bit heavier.  A friend has suggested that I try a Blueboard 83 stiff.  I like this idea a lot. 


Currently playing 910h and have used both Proforce V2 85g and Project X 6.0.  I think I need something in between.  I'd like to have something that launches like the Proforce V2 with spin somewhere in between those two shafts (Proforce balloons on me sometimes).  I'm pretty lost on this one.  Everything from Graphite Design's YSQ, to a Di-85 to Altus or Attas or AXIVcore Black....I'm just clueless. 


This is the only thing I am happy with!  My Dynamic Gold S300's are perfect and the S400 in my wedges are as well. 

It's pretty frustrating trying to get dialed in to just the right set up!  Unfortunately the fitters in my area either don't have the right shafts available, don't have a launch monitor, or don't seem to be interested in helping (or maybe just don't know what they're doing).  Due to this, it helps me to to do a bunch of homework in advance.  Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. Quintin H

    Josh, don't get caught up in the shaft hype.

    One problem with getting fit for a shaft is that you have all these adjustable clubs, which means the fitter must have shafts with the attachment in order to fit you for a shaft.

    If you go in wanting to try 20 shafts, and he doesn't have those shafts with the attachment, then it is going to cost somebody a bunch of money. The fitter isn't going to lose money.

    Now you go in to the fitter with all these new clubs and you are having problems, he knows it isn't the shaft.

    Go to a real pro, get your swing in order. Go to the fitter and use the adjustments on the club to dial in the club.

    You have driver, fairway, 2 hybrids, all different shafts, tell the fitter which shaft you like the feel of and which you don't, he can probably put you in a shaft that feels right and fine tunes your ball flight.

  2. Josh L

    Thanks Quintin.  Appreciate the perspective, but I think you are discounting the value of shaft performance.  Having gone to demo days and see 5 different ball flights with 5 different shafts in the same head pretty much confirms to me that the shaft plays a significant role in club performance. 

    I guess I am just the opposite end of the spectrum from you...I would rather have a shaft that works with my swing than mess with a bunch of driver settings.  In the end, I'm not having problems with these clubs...I just don't think I'm getting everything out of them at the moment. 

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