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910 D2 Driver shaft stiff or x-stiff


Need some help deciding whether to stick with my stiff shaft or move up to a X-STIFF shaft. My driver swing speed is 108-110 mph. I can't seem to control the ball with my current shaft (Fujikura Motore 5.5, Weight:59, Torgue: 3.4, Kick point:Mid.)This is the stock shaft that came with the driver. It feels too soft. I had my swing looked at by the Club Pro but he really didn't anything negative to provide. Any driver shaft suggestions?? I am currently stationed overseas so quality golf equipment is limited. Please recommend websites that I could purchase driver shafts.

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  1. ksprecher


    I looks like your shaft is too light. At your swing speed light shafts are sometime difficult to feel resulting in a loss of control. What X-flex shaft are you considering? 


  2. Jan-Ivan L

    If you're swinging that fast you shouldn't be afraid of going to an X flex.  You could probably go to a stock made for Titleist Ahina X, (I think it's 73 grams and 3.0 torque).  It's a pretty stout shaft and it'll probably get your spin numbers down.  I have a similar swing speed and I play a Diamana Whiteboard stiff in a 8.5 910 D3.  At first I was a little apprehensive to go to such a stout shaft but it feels really good and works fine for me.  Good luck and from a fellow vet thanks for serving.

  3. John L

    go with a heavyer shaft. get something in the 68g area or even look into the 70 gram area. 

  4. PK


    I have a swing speed of ~105-115 depending what I want to do with the ball. I was looking at the Fuji Motore shaft, but I decided to go with the Project X Black 6.0. This should fit in with your swing speed, and like other people on this forum have said it is a heavier shaft. If you still think it is too light, then the Project X Blue 6.0 has the same feeling, but I think it's 10 grams heavier...and cheaper too.

    Hope this helps!


    I was looking at the Adila RIP shaft


    Can I order this shaft through Titleist? Like I said earlier quality golf equipment over here in Okinawa is limited.


    Thanks for the help. I love this site! It has helped my game so much.


    Where can I order shafts for for 910 D2? As I understand I can only order it through Titleist due to the Sure Fit system. Is this true?

  9. John L

    Phillip are you a military person or working on a military base there. I know the u.s. spec. Titleist rep for japan.


    I am a Marine stationed out here in Okinawa Japan. If you could provide me the Titleist reps info it would be greatly appreciated.

  11. John L

    Ok phillip let me shoot him an email from work tomarrow and see if he is rep for Okinawa. i know he dose the airforce and army and navy here in the tokyo area and northern japan he also dose korea. If so you should be able to got to a military course and order the shaft threw the pro shop.  

  12. John L

    Good news brother, he is the Titleist rep for okinawa. Sorry it took me so long its been busy the last week im sure you've been busy to. anways i dont want to just throw his info out on the forum like this but i will see if i cant get you the info threw one of the admins. but he did say to give you his contact info so you can contact him and he cant help out.

    Cheers simba

  13. John L

    Hey brother i don't know if Cathi from titleist is going to be able to help but i passed the contact information for the titleist rep to her hopeing she can email it to you. I just don't feel comfortable posting his contact info but he did asked me to pass it on to you and said you could contact him he would be happy to help out. I hope this helps


    Thanks John I haven't received an email from Cathi yet with his contact information. Hopefully I will receive it soon. Thanks for your help!

  15. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager


    Thanks John I haven't received an email from Cathi yet with his contact information. Hopefully I will receive it soon. Thanks for your help!

    Hi Phillip,

    I just sent you a PM. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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