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910D3 Adjustments

Chuck Z

I am currently working with setups on my 910D3 and have purchased the weight kit from Titleist through a local golf shop.  I have decreased the loft on my driver and fairway wood and added weight to both and this is perfect for me.  At 66 I need all the help I can get.  My issue is that the weight kit includes 12g, 9g, 7g, 5g, 3g to adjust the weights on the driver/fairway/hybrid.  I have a question for the team titleist mentors.  Can I purchase individual weights, because the 910s all come with 7g weights in the heads and I want to increase the swing weight to 9g or 12g.  I do not need 3,5, or 7g weights.  Your assistance is appreciated. 

My next purchase is a 910H and I also was wondering if I can order it through a golf shop with a 9g weight from Titleist.  I relize the 913s are on the way, but with the weight kit I can adjust my 910s and I was told they do not fit the 913s.  It that correct?

Have a Titleist day. 



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  1. Cameron D


    The weights in the 913 will not be compatible with the 910 weights, since they have been redesigned and are shaped differently. When you place your order for the 910H, make sure to request the 9g weight in that head.  Also, if you happen to purchase any individual shafts from Titleist, make sure to request the bezel weight you would like.  Each individual shaft will come with a standard 7g weight, unless otherwise requested.

    Feel free to give us a call if you have any other bezel weight questions.



  2. Chuck Z



    Received the weights.  THANKS.  :-)  Also appreciate the TT decal and the adjustment card for my 910s.  Must easier to fit in my wrench bag.  You guys are the best.  Appreciate the assistance.  Being a member of Team Titleist really pays off.  Have a great titleist day.



  3. Chuck Z

    I recently purchased new Vokey wedges and they are out of sight.  Best investment ever.  Want new Titleist irons but am kinda holding off until the new 2014 irons come out in November?  I am curious when information related to the new irons will be released.  Am debating whether to go ahead and purchase the AP 712s or wait on the new irons.  Any heads up at this time and is anyone playing them on the tour at this time?  Am also juggling whether to purchase the AP1S or 2S.....I do plan on being fitted for these clubs as always.....and by a Titleist certified fitter..... 

  4. Don O

    There will be press releases about the pros trying them out starting around July.  If you check back last year when #1 came out of a slump last firing on the 913 D3, that will be about the same time this year that the pros will begin working with them.

    If you are comfortable with the D3 and don't need the forgiveness of the D2, you'll probably enjoy the AP2.  I love my AP1s, but my wear pattern is not as tight as Tom Watson's.  Both will help you get maximum distance with good ball striking if you are trying to maintain club speed.  If you can shape shots, definitely the AP2.

  5. Cameron D


    No one is currently playing them on tour at this time.  You won't start to see that until this summer.  Information about them won't start to show up on the web until late summer early fall.  Stay tuned!



  6. Chuck Z

    I am currently playing Staff CI9 Irons +1/2inch in length and +1degree which I do like but they they are a control iron and I do have a problem fading them when I need that shot.  I am going to Titleist but really want to see what the 714s look like and feel that I might just be able to hit the AP2s with success.  Since I changed to the Vokey irons, I am amazed at the success I am having and I have really picked up distance.  I was using Staff Mill Grooved Wedges also.  I think I will stick with them and wait out the new 714s and if I do not like them I can always pick up a set of 712s.  Then my bag will be 100 percent titleist.  My game ranges from low 70s to mid 80s, all depending on my short game.  Thanks for the tip.   

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