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Project X 6.0 vs True Temper S300



Hey all i was wondering if there is a difference in feel in the project x 6.0 or the true temper s300? Is it softer in the true temper than the project X? I definitely feel a bit of more weight in the project x than the true temper


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  1. steve m

    To start the dgs300 weighs more by 6-9 grams but PX has a stiffer tip section. Personally I love the PX more it feels better throughcontact to me but hit them both if you can, that is the only true way to tell. If you go to a retail golf store and they have bothshafts to try hit them swith impact tape on the heads and see what one is more consistent and more centered. Hope this helps!

  2. Joseph P

    I've always had DG S300s in my irons 962s and 990s. Recently, I tested the Ping I20s with both shafts. I loved both shafts, but I got more distance with the DG S300s than the PX. So i would go hit both and see which ones you like.

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