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Fitting Cart 910F/H Shafts, for sale?

Adam D

I was just wondering what will be happening with all of the Demo/Fitting Cart shafts for the 910F's and 910H's now that the 913's will be rolling out. Will retailers be sending the shafts to Titleist or will they be selling them at some sort of discount? Or does Titleist take the shafts back and then either install the new tip or sell them through a special program? I understand that there probably wouldn't be a warranty available with the shafts, but I would be interested in picking up a few just to toy around with.

Any help would be much appreciated!




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  1. Cameron D


    There are only a few shafts that are staying in the fitting systems for the 913 updates.  The rest of the shafts are being returned, unless the account decides they want to sell any of them off.  I would recommend discussing with your retailer if they plan on selling any particular shaft off.



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