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913D2 Shafts

Terry C

I want to purchase a new 913D2 driver and I have a question concerning the stock shafts that are being offered.  I am a senior player and my handicap is 5.   Over the years my swing speed has declined to currently  between 82 - 87.  I am considering the Diamana S+ Blue 62 Regular shaft with a 5.4 torque degree or the Aldila RIP 60 Regular shaft with a 3.2 torque degree.  There both approximate the same weight 63-64 grams.

Could you tell me the difference in characteristics of these two shafts so I will know what to expect before I demo these two next month?  I am looking for a mid to lower launch angle as my current driver hits too high....10.5 degree, 50 gram shaft (seems to light for me).

Thanks in advance for you input.


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