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D13 Driver for a junior golfer

Brian H

Today, as I was trying out the new D13 Driver with a regular shaft, my 9 year old son also tried to hit it.  Obviously it was too big for him, but, he did him some pretty well.  So, I would like to know if these drivers can be custom fit for a junior like him, or, can the head from this driver be installed on one of you hybrid or fairway wood shafts?  

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  1. Clinton M

    you can have this club custom fitted.

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Brian,  It depends on how tall your son is and what length he needs.  We can put a driver shaft as short as 3"-4".  The difference in the driver and fairway shafts is the amount of tipping.  The hybrids use different size shafts so they are not interchangeable with the driver.  Give us a call if you have more questions - 1-888-TITLEIST.

  3. steve b

    Brian, we have been fitting good junior players for 20 years and here are some guidlines for you.

    The driver needs to be no more than 2-3 inches longer than their belly button.

    they need to have at least 115 mph ball speed and be able to create launch conditions as described in the Titleist fitting manual. A good Titleist fitter will have this manual.  The current Titeist drivers can be adjusted to as much as 13.5* loft ( 12* head with an A4 setting) Assuming the player has good ball speed and hits the ball from the inside they should be able to create good launch conditions this way.  Probably going to stay in a lighter shaft....  Need to find a good fitter for all of this.

    steve ball
    Ball Golf Center,  OKC
    405-842-2626   --- call if I can help

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