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Kaili versus Ilima Shaft



I have the 910 F 15* and 910 H 17* in the Kaili regular shaft and was wondering if I put in a Ilima regular shaft which I know has a higher ball flight, will I lose distance?  I just can't get used to the lower ball flight with the Kaili shafts, but I do love the roll I get once the ball lands with the Kaili shafts.  

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Clinton M

    no you will not lose distance.

  2. Donald D

    You will get a higher ball flight with the i'lima shaft without really losing any distance.Switching to the lighter shaft you might gain a couple mph ball speed which would in turn create a couple extra yards.Putting the i'lima shaft in your hybrid will get you to land the ball softer with less roll out on the greens...

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