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Titleist fitting

Joseph P

I went to a Titleist fitting at Golf Galaxy in Skokie, Illinois tonight.  I'm buying new irons now, so I can practice all winter and take them to Florida after Thanksgiving. I'm 5'9, 245, and have not been on a monitor in 20 years. I played golf in my 20's and was in the low 80's on real courses. Since then I have not played seriously, had two shoulder surgeries, got married etc. Now I can shoot anywhere from 82 to 95. I'm inconsistent with my irons and driving, but practicing to get my swing back. I've hit 990's and before that 962's with DG S300 shafts. I recently bought  RAZR X forged irons with a project X 5.5 shaft online. While I like them, I wanted to be fitted properly for clubs. I hit the AP2s before and did not like them. But tonight Brad fitted me KBS Tour stiff shafts and I hit them 10 yards further than the DG S300. I was impressed. He fitted me for a hybrid 19 degrees with a diamana blue regular shaft, which I hit 225 yards. But the problem was the driver. I like the 913, but I was only carrying it 200 yards on average and pushing them. We couldn't figure it out? We tried different shafts. My swing speed and ball speed were the same as the hybrid which shouldn't be. I played today and drove well. (a little shorter because of the cold.) I usually drive the ball about 250 to 260. What do you think could be the problem? He thought that I should continue my lessons with my pro. Any suggestions out there? I'm going to wait to purchase a new driver ubtil I figure this out. Long-winded, I know.

Thanks in advance, Joe

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