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Pureing and frequency checking of graphite shafts for irons and woods

Jerry V

I had a club fitting at my local course on Saturday by a Titleist rep. We determined the proper swing weights and graphite shafts. He also decided that my irons needed to be bent 2 degrees flat. I forgot to ask if I ordered my clubs directly from Titleist if I could get my shafts pured and frequency checked to insure the best possible swing and contact. Could you let me know?

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  1. Cameron D


    Puring and frequency checking isn't something that we will do.  When the shafts are received by Titleist, they go through a thorough quality inspection to make sure the shafts meet the tolerances we have set in place. As far as puring goes, our Titleist Golf Club R&D group has conducted testing with tour and better players to compare performance between shafts that have been PURE'd and shafts that have not.  We have never been able to see or measure any performance difference whatsoever.  Therefore, we do not feel the PURE process adds any performance improvement or value.



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