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grips not straight on my new set of AP2s

Andrew P

I recently ordered a custom fit set of new AP2s and it seems that the grips on almost all the clubs set the club up closed.  I am left-handed and had this problem once before when I had a golf course re-grip my old set and they did not put the grips on straight. I can understand how difficult it could be for a right-handed golfer to put grips on straight for left-handed clubs.  I would think at Titleist they have a machine that sets the grips on squarely when they manufacture the clubs. My questions are:

1. Are the AP2 irons designed to set up more closed than my old set (DCI 762 ~ circa 2001)?

2. Should I go back to my home golf course where my clubs were ordered and have them take a look?

3. Does Titleist have a machine that puts the grips on square, and I am just crazy?

Any insight is appreciated.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    HI Andrew,

    The AP2 irons are not set up to be closed, so we would recommend taking them to your golf course and having them look at your clubs. 

     Yes, we have lasers set up along with a hydraulic clamp to make sure that they are on straight and the blade is square.  But, as always, there can be human error.  Have your shop set up a Warranty inspection and repair and have them ask for an expedited call tag.

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