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Grafalloy shaft

Chris B


I got fitted for a new driver in the last few weeks, I havent bought a new one in a while, so i tried numerous. The one I hit consistently well was the 910 D2, the spec was 10.5degree MRH, A1 settling and the shaft was Grafalloy Prolaunch Red stiff flex.

There was none in stock when I went back to shop a few days later but the sales guy was onto me about the new 913, I enquired would spec be same for the 913 as 910, he was vague and wants me to do a new fit and also charge for it, which is a bit cheeky I think!

My question is, will this spec i got for the 910 work for the 913 driver, is there really that much difference that it requires a whole new fit??




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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Chris,

    You should be able to go seemlessly from the 910 to the 913 without a problem.  Do you mind telling us where you went to be fit?

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