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D913 weights?

Dennis J

I understand there are different weights that are available for both of the new drivers.  No specs or discussion on the weight that is standard if I'm to assume correctly every club comes with a weight.  How do you expect customers to determine if a lighter or heaver weight might be a better fit?  Seems to me if you expct a customer to step up to the plate and spend four to five hundred dollars you would do a better job in explaing this feature and the cost if you wanted the optional weights.  Nothing to hide but this is my only avenue until you release clubs to your dearlers and pro shops.  Thanks for your help and consideration.  Best regards, Dennis Jamison.

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  1. Cameron D


    The bezel weights that come in the 913 metal woods are used as a swing weight component and have no direct influence on ball flight.  Many players familiar with swing weight, know what swing weight they want.  If someone wants the club built to a certain swing weight, other then the standard, we can use those bezel weights to help achieve this.  These weights are also helpful for players who get longer or shorter lengths, but don't necessarily want the club to weight lighter or heavier.  

    The weights are sold in a kit (4g, 7g, 9g, 11g, 14g) or individually.  The standard weight that comes in most drivers is the 9g bezel weight.

    Let us know if you have any other questions about these weights.



  2. Victory

    Cameron, if i use GDI BB 6s or 7s, and shorten the club by 1' so it will be 44', how much weight should i use to achieve d2 or d3




  3. Ted W

    I just received my 913 D2........... Horrible!!! I have been playing 910 D2 and was expecting a hotter face, same solid feel.  This thing is sooooooo light you can't feel head at all.  The 913  felt hollow compared to the 910. I was disappointed to say the least. My whole bag is Titleist, 712 Ap2' vokeys, 910 3 and 5 wood......but the 913 will not make bag!!!!

  4. memphisunited

    I got to hit the 913 D2 last night.  It felt great to me.  I didn't have a lot of time to play with the different shafts and settings, but I thought it felt good compared to my 910 D2.  I'm going back this afternoon to make sure I get the right shaft combination.

  5. joe e

    I have played two rounds with my 913 D3. I previously used the 910. I feel this club is an improvement all around with looks, sound, distance and spin. I do have one question though... I have a green dot weight and I am just wondering what that weight is 4, 7, 9 etc?



  6. Dr. Kovatchian


    Is there any dates available on when these kits will hit the retail market.

    I just purchased my new 913D and was hoping to add a bit of SW with the 11g or 14g weights...I was kind of surprised that golfsmith was not carrying the kits at this time.

    DR. K

  7. thomas g

    I agree & see your point,I bought the New Titleist,913d3 driver online in Jersey Island UK,fitted.It gave the Option of buying the Weight set as well!!Amazing ,,,as now Titleist tell me they dont come out till Feb this year.Why is this,surely if they can produce the Drivers they can & should have the Weights ready too.Some kind of Fiddle is going on... i suggest.

  8. casa

    I'am new to the game of golf at 60 years young. Took lessons last summer and plan on putting a complete line of Titleist woods in my bag this year. I use a little lead tape to add swing weight as tempo is verything for me when hitting the big dog.

    Are you telling me that I'm going to have to wait untill April/May  time frame to get fitted.

     Do the club fitters like my local PGA professional who have the titleist bag for fitting have the weight kits??




  9. Cameron D

    Dr. Kovatchian, 

    March 1 is when the kits will be available, but you can order the individual weights now.  Just have Golfsmith place an order for the weights you are looking for and they will ship in 1-2 days.



  10. Cameron D


     Your local Club Fitters will have the kits to use for fittings.  They will also be updated on all of our metal woods, so you won't need to wait until April/May to get fit.  The 913 fairways and hybrids will be released on Feb. 9th, but you can be fit and place orders now.



  11. Chris B

    are the weights/weight kits the same for a 910 as a 913?



  12. Cameron D


    The 910 and 913 weights and kits are different.



  13. Shawn E

    White 4g

    Green 7g

    Red 9g (stock)

    Blue 11g

    Black 14g

  14. Arturo G

    I like a D1 swingweight in my fairway woods. I have several png G20 fairway woods and they are all D1.

    I purchased a 913 5 wood with a Diamana shaft (heavier) and the swingweight was D2

    I also purchased a 913 7 wood with a Bassara shaft (lighter) and the swingweight was D0

    Both with the stock 9 gram weight

    So I replaced the weight in the 5 wood with a 7 gram weight (green) and the weight in the 7 wood with a 11 gram weight (blue) and now both play at D1 swingweight.

    I am very happy I was able to do these adjustments.

    Most players cannot feel one or two points of swingweight difference but I swear to God I can.

  15. Brian Ruiz

    Hi Cameron,


    So changing the bezel weights will not change spin?

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