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Which is the best loft/flex 910D2 option for me

Dr. Les B

I'm a very fit 71 year old Brit, with a swing speed of 85-90mph. I'm contemplating buying either a 12 degree 910D2 with a Regular flex Bassara 50 shaft, or a 10.5 degree with the senior flex. I note that for the Bassara 50 shaft, the torque is quite high. It's no use recommending I go for fitting as I live in Indonesia, so I have to take a chance. I currently have two G15's (10.5 and 12 dgree) with soft regular shaftsand sometimes, I feel too much hook on my faster swings, so would the 12 degree 910D2 Reg Bassara 50 be a reasonable option for me. I'll be buying from Ebay, USA, since there's too many copies in this part of the world. Thanks & Regards.

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  1. Don O

    I'm only 62, but my driver speed recently was 86 mph (79 2 years ago) at a demo of the 913D2.  It hadn't quite gotten fine tuned (only had 3 shafts - whiteboard stiff, blueboard reg, and bassara A-flex), but I was getting 18 degrees wtih 2200 rpm using a 9.5 adjusted out to 11 degrees wtih the blueboard Reg shaft.  My G15 12 degree A-flex was 24 degrees wtih 2800 rpm.  The Bassara senior was close to the 18 degrees with the 11 degree head but had a lower compression rating (I know it as smash factor, and was 1.3 with the Ping A-flex and the Bassara senior and 1.48 with the blueboard). 

    I didn't have the $400 (US) for the 913 so I found a 910 D2 10.5 with the Ihilana Reg adjusted to 11.25 and the response/control is better than with the G15.  Since the D2 is adjustable to 12 from 10.5 and if your speed is truly over 85, I'd get the 10.5 with a regular flex.  My dispersion factor was tighter with the regualr flex and I gained about 8 yards (214 ->222) on the trackman.  The heavier blueboard didn't lose any speed compared to the A-flex shafts.  I blame that on my excessive slow twitch fibers.  You may prefer the lighter reg Bassara.

  2. Scott I

    Of those 2 options, I would go with the 910 D2 with the R-Flex shaft.  I think the senior flex will be a bit too floppy for you at up to 90mph swings.

  3. Lou G

    Probably the Bassara R flex since you are close to 90 mph.  My normal swing speed is about 82 mph but I have hit 90 on occasion.

    I like the Bassara shafts.    I have A flex on the 910F 19* and 910H 21* but the shafts are 1" shorter than stock (with Winn Lite Dri Tac oversize grips) and I have the Surefit setting at D3 (1.5* upright).   I also have the 910H 27* with shaft 1/2" shorter than stock with a Surefit setting of D3.  They all feel great and I was hitting them over 200 yards with the fairway today at the range and was hitting 175 with the 21H at the park the other day.

    I also have a 13* TM Burner draw driver with M flex that has been shortened to 44.5" (with same Dri-Tac grip) and I was hitting drives pretty close to 250 yards Friday.

    I'm thinking about a 910D2 12* next year with Bassara A flex and the intent being to set it up as a 44" driver (with B3 setting). 


  4. Dr. Les B

    Thank you for your comments

  5. Dr. Les B

    Thanks for your comments. I've now gone ahead and bought a 12 degree 910D2 driver with the Reg 50g Bassara shaft. Maybe later, as my swing slows down, I'll buy a Senior flex shaft as I can re-shaft myself.

  6. Dr. Les B

    Thanks for the advice. I've gone ahead and bought the 12 degree with Reg Bassara shaft and I can always fit a senior flex shaft in a couple of years when my swing slows down more. The loss of swing speed with age is a frustrating but inevitable fact - I was at 98mph 5 years ago !

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