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Driver shaft fitting

Imran A


I am about to buy the 913 D3 driver but i am stuck on which shaft to get, I have an average swing speed of 120 mph and i need a shaft with a low kick point as i hit the ball quite high. My handicap is +2 and i was wondering if you could recommend a tour shaft that would suit my swing. I feel that the price of getting fitted at my local club fitting facilities are extremely price at $140 dollars just for a driver fitting. However I dont mind about the price of the shaft as long as its a good shaft! 



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  1. tim h

    I would pay the money and use a launch monitor to pick your new shaft.  I would have went with a stiff shaft in a 9.5 head, and ended up with an X shaft in a 8.5 and gained 19 yards.  Spend the money or you'll never know...

    You'll need a 'high kick point' shaft for LOW ball flight, with your swing speed probably a 70+ gram in X like a Diamana 'ahina  or other low launch low spin shaft.

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Imran,  We would recommend getting fit for that shaft because buying a driver with recommendations from people that have not even seen you swing is not really optimal.  It might work, but, it might not.  A good fitter spends the time to make sure the head and shaft are the correct one for you.  Its like taking a lesson - you are paying for his/her expertise.  Plus, a local fitter is someone that you can go back to and talk with if you have questions.  If you would like recommendations for other fitters in your area, give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST. 

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