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Swing Weight

William S

     I have a 19 910h with the ahina stiff shaft. It has a multicompound grip and is standard length. I also have a 910fd with the ahina stiff and multicompound grip. What would the swing weights be. Also what would a 913 d3 with the d+ shaft and multicompound grip be. And one last thing, what gram weights would I need to order to achieve d5 with the driver and d4 with the hybrid and 3 wood?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The 910 Fd would have been built at a D4, the 910h also at a D4. 

    On the 913 D3 with the +white 72 would be D5 with a 9 gram weight and a multicompound grip.  When you place your order for any club, give them the swingweight you would like to have as we can build to swingweight as long as it is withing tolerance. 

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